Sample Employee Welcome Letter - Google Doc

Take the time to welcome your new employees with a thoughtful letter! Our sample welcome letter template is easy to customize and is a great starting point for new hires and company success.

Employee Exit Survey Questionnaire Template

Take a deep dive into why your employees leave your company with this employee exit survey. Our offboarding questionnaire provides the insight you need to make real changes in employee retention and turnover.

Time Off Request Form Template - Google Forms

Keep track of time off requests with this Google Forms template. Record responses and keep a record right in Google without pesky paperwork. This form is perfect for requesting half days, full days, PTO, vacations, and everything in between!

Employee Engagement Survey - PDF Template

Employee satisfaction should be top of mind for every company! This employee engagement survey is a simple questionnaire that allows your employees to express how they feel and provides insight into the good and the improvable.

Time Off Request Form - PDF Template

When your employees need to request a day off, hand them this time off request form! This printable PDF download is perfect for requesting full days, half days, vacations, and everything else in between!

New Hire Onboarding Checklist - Excel Template

A free, straightforward New Hire Onboarding Checklist Template for Excel. Covers tasks for HR, Security, IT & Direct Lead. Just Download and add your new employee's information, and start tracking the onboarding process!

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