General Questions

TeamSense is one of the best internal communications tools for deskless workforces. Its a simple and fully customizable mobile platform that lets you get fast and accurate updates without the need for employee communication apps. It is the right solution for companies that want to establish an effective internal communication strategy. Try the TeamSense team communication tools and collaboration features today.

We support organizations of any kind, but we are purpose-built for organizations with large hourly workforces.

We currently serve organizations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

TeamSense uses technology similar to two-factor authentication to send information to known devices.

Over 99% of our users choose to interact with us via text, but for that <1%, we also offer the same service via email delivery.

Of course! TeamSense enables users to choose their preferred language.

Our current offering includes English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, but we can support other languages as well - just ask!

Yes, internet access is required to access the portal. Data and messaging rates may apply.

Absolutely! All of the TeamSense forms are fully customizable to match your company policy and needs.

Yes. The TeamSense product can seamlessly integrate with existing applicant tracking systems, talent acquisition software, absence management tools, company web portal software, and other recruitment marketing tools. This online recruiting software supports recruiters and hiring teams to manage job seeker and applicant data, augment their existing recruitment process, promote positive candidate experience, and facilitate a smooth talent acquisition process through better HR tech.

Using the TeamSense text recruiting software along with your other talent acquisition tools means your company will have an easier time hiring the best talent.

The TeamSense HR recruiting software can be used by recruiters and hiring teams to fill any open job positions! Most people already use text messaging every day. Adding text messages to your recruitment tools gives job seekers easy access to apply.


You're dedicated account specialist will assist you in creating an administrator account as well as provide the steps for how to trais your employees and managers on how to use the system. If you run into trouble, visit our help desk.

Welcome aboard! We are happy to help ensure you hit the ground running and will reach out directly with the next steps! In the meantime, you can visit our help center for anything urgent.

Employee information can be updated in three ways. First via our admin dashboard, second via our support team, or lastly via integration with your systems.

TeamSense has integrations built for Ceridian. We are underway on other HRIS and Payroll system integrations. Reach out and we can let you know where we are with the others.

Privacy and Security

We believe security is non-negotiable. All data input into TeamSense is encrypted (in transit and at rest), and stored in a secure cloud database. Our solution adheres to strict data security standards and our internal engineering processes follow industry-standard best practices. We’re more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

TeamSense's inception was health screening. We take data privacy and security seriously. We know that you trust us with critical communication with your workforce and that may include personal and health information.

TeamSense complies with relevant national regulatory bodies within the United States, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Any employee's health information must be stored confidentially and separately from personnel files - which is easily enabled through TeamSense.

We use industry-standard security and have strict controls on access to information both from within TeamSense and for employees and workers using TeamSense. See our security statement for more details or contact us if you would like to know more.

Access & Authentication

TeamSense uses technology similar to two-factor authentication.

TeamSense connects Employee ID and name to validate your team members. Once we connect the Employee ID to a phone number (or email) we return requests to the info we have on file.

Our method is convenient for hourly employees or those without access to a company email address or computer.

The biggest difference between TeamSense attendance and ADP is that we operate without an app. Our customers join TeamSense due to frustration with solutions that require an app.

Many employees in manufacturing (compared to retail or food service) refuse to download a company app on their personal phones. The number one reason is fear of being “tracked.” Their fear is not off base; ADP tracks employees as a "feature" of their mobile app.


Pass attendance information right into your HR system for payroll processing.

TeamSense is working on integrations with Ceridian, ADP, Ulti-pro and Dimensions.

Employee Call-In

The best part about using the employee call-out system with TeamSense is that we do not require a mobile app download or login to replace your employee call-off hotline. The TeamSense call-out system validates your team members' identities by asking for their names and Employee ID and linking them to their phone numbers for future logins. Employees often push back on using an app to track their call-outs. Instead, TeamSense allows for all the functions of an employee call-off hotline without having one.

We made it possible for frontline employees to request time off, whether day or night, work hours or not. This is convenient for hourly employees or those without easy access to a company email or computer. Their shift supervisor can also get an immediate notification through texts on their mobile phone for instant employee call-outs and time-off requests.

All employee call-out requests passing through the employee call-out hotline are logged in complete detail. HR staff members who administer workforce management solutions can see details of employee availability in the absence management tracking dashboard. This is easily accessible from a single-time and automated employee call-off system to save time.

With TeamSense, employees text our system to call out via a quick survey to understand the proper reason code. No app, no login, no tracking.

Once an employee submits the absence, the system immediately notifies the manager via text and/or email of the submission, including the reason code to be leveraged for entry into ADP.

Absence management software doesn't need to be expensive. TeamSense’s absence tracking solution begins at just $3.00 for each associate each month (Starter Plan). This level includes text call-off, daily dashboard access, and unlimited messages.

Our upgraded plans come with even more core features like absence insights, customized forms, and additional languages. The most popular plan (Pro Plan) is $5.00 per team member each month. The highest level (Advanced Plan) is $8.00 per team member each month. You can view the full pricing list here. You can all try out the employee absence tracker using the button on this page.

An absence management app is a way to track employee time, sick leave and leave requests. It often integrates with an existing payroll processing tool and databases. Absence tracking software can help companies manage leaves and manage time, including absences and work hours, and assist payroll staff with accurate disbursements. The responses collected by this robust time and absence software are used for absence tracking frontline employee absences and generating time reports to manage payroll.

But an employee absence tracker app can only go so far. If team members refuse to download or update it—what’s the use? That’s why TeamSense is text-based. We reach everyone where they already are. No company email or logins to remember. Key features include leave requests, record attendance, track employee time offs, approval workflows, leave types, leave balance, and reporting for better leave management. Integrate with your existing benefits and payroll system, workforce management system, other business management platforms. TeamSense is the user friendly absence tracker to better keep track of time and attendance.

Simply put, tracking absences with spreadsheets is a waste of precious time. Think of all the time HR professionals and managers spend sifting through who is absent, making notes, adjusting employee PTO balances and point systems, letting shift leaders know, and trying to fill shifts. It’s exhausting and inefficient. An employee absence solution like TeamSense will take your company from the stone age to modern day overnight.

Once your company uses absence management software through text, everyone from the frontline employees to the supervisors and leaders will notice a boost in productivity and time saved. So say goodbye to clunky time spreadsheets and voicemails to track employee absences—you won’t be needing those outdated processes anymore. All the common features of a modern workforce management mobile application are delivered over text in one cloud-based business growth platform.

Track absence trends over working hours, get fewer absences, save time with your existing payroll process, easily manage your approval process, reduce time spent on coding types of absences, and easily track different teams all without a mobile app. From small and medium businesses to enterprise organizations - this employee absence tracker can handle it all.

Absolutely! Customize your employee absence tracker away. Unlike other absence management systems, TeamSense lets you make custom adjustments to fit your needs. Create custom workflows with surveys that fit your company’s absence policy, and collect data using customized questions you select.

Once an associate texts they are absent for the day, they'll be sent a workflow questionnaire to answer, giving you more information about why they’re out. Associates choose if they want to use PTO, absence points, or sick time for missing work. This also saves HR personnel time when it comes to coding leave requests for leave types and tracking the leave balance.

Our absence management software includes all the in-depth reporting you need to monitor call-offs and see who’s absent for the day. This knowledge helps the business pivot accordingly, see associate availability, and to fill shifts for the day.

Absence reports can be broken down by date, manager, and location. Reports can be easily exported as well. When it comes to who has access to daily reports, you can set permissions based on different roles:

  • Super Admin: Access to all employees at all sites.
  • Site Admin: Access to all employees at assigned site
  • Manager: Access to employee status and roster.
  • Employee: Access to personal history

Stand-out employee absence tracker key features of our absence management software:

  • Manage employee absences and employee schedules (PTO requests and unpaid time)
  • Absence insight reports showing trends by date, manager, location
  • Text-based access from mobile phones
  • Helping you stay compliant with employee records
  • Unlimited users can be added for small businesses or enterprise
  • Integrations and capabilities to better track time
  • Human resources and managers have direct access to the employee absence management system

Employee Portal

An employee portal is a way for employees to access the resources they need from their employers. Employee portals are usually set up by HR and are typically available through a desktop platform.

Employees access the portal through text messaging on their phones. No company Intranet needed, no URL to bookmark.

Employees simply text a keyword describing the resource they need and a link is immediately returned to them via SMS messaging.

Employees access the portal through text messaging on their phones. No company Intranet needed, no URL to bookmark.

Employees simply text 'TeamSense' and they are returned a portal with commonly requested resources.

The most common links in the portal are:

  • Payroll login
  • Benefits login
  • Job Openings
  • Company News
  • Events

Admins log in to their TeamSense dashboard and head to the "Portal" tab to update links.

Yes, internet access is required to access the portal. Data and messaging rates may apply.

TeamSense uses Employee ID and name to validate your team members. Once we connect the Employee ID to a phone number we return requests to the number we have on file.

Our method is convenient for hourly employees or those without easy access to a company email address or computer.

Employee Communications

TeamSense has mass notification capability. You can send or schedule messages to your entire company or a small subset of the team in a matter of seconds.

No. Our messages today are broadcast style, responses are not returned or retained.

TeamSense can be used to digitize your employee suggestion box, automate safety incidence reporting, conduct exit surveys, and collect new hire applications..... and more. The applicability of the technology is endless!

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