Broadcast Messages

Instantly reach individual employees, teams, or a whole site with communications delivered via text (or email).

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Employee Portal

Provide frontline workers with on-demand access to employee handbooks, benefits documentation, payroll login and company wide announcements.

Mobile Forms

Convert traditional, paper-based processes into easy to use, trackable digital forms.

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TeamSense is THE best way to communicate with employees because everyone has their phone nowadays. When we need to send reminders or have employees submit paperwork, we just text them!

Kannetha Williams

Human Resources Business Partner, FryMaster

Keep employee contacts fresh, automatically

When an employee calls off via text or voice, we keep track of the originating phone number and link it to their employee ID. You always have the latest contact info—even when phone numbers change.

Broadcast messages keep everyone in the know.

Meet employees where they are

Send broadcast messages via text to an individual employee, department, division, or even the entire company. Employee phone numbers are kept up-to-date so you can always reach 100% of your workforce and ensure everyone’s in the loop.


of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.1

Employee Onboarding

Accelerate onboarding by sharing resources, like company policies and documents, handbooks, and more—all delivered via text.

Benefits Enrollment

Stop chasing employees to meet enrollment deadlines. Empower employees with timely reminders to keep them on track.

Urgent Alerts

When time-sensitive news needs to get out, send an alert to everyone who needs to know.

Open Shift Fulfillment

Mitigate the impact of unplanned absences by filling the open shifts faster with a text announcement to available employees.

Celebrations and Recognition

Reward and recognize employees when they achieve goals and hit key milestones.

Safety Tips

Schedule safety tips and reminders to arrive just before shift start to keep safety top of mind.


Send timely and helpful reminders for upcoming events and deadlines, like company meetings and engagement activities.

TeamSense makes communication effortless. Try it out:

When we needed our employees come to the office to re-sign their I-9 forms, we just texted them through TeamSense. It worked so well for us! We assigned each employee a date and time to come in so we didn't have to chase anyone down.


HR Business Partner, CPG Company

Employee Portal

Everything employees need—right at their fingertips

Share company-wide (or even site-specific) policies, handbooks, payroll, and benefits through a secure link.

Portal is completely configurable and easy to update.

Mobile Forms

Take the paper out of paperwork

Convert traditional, paper-based processes into digital forms sent via text. Responses are recorded and timestamped, so you always have the documentation you need.

  • Safety incident reports & Mark Yourself Safe
  • Engineering change orders
  • New policy acknowledgement
  • Maintenance requests
  • Entry and exit surveys
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One of the things that has really helped…is the ability for us to communicate back and forth very quickly with our employees for call-offs, PTO, emergencies. It's been very helpful to have that communication get sent straight from the employee to the team lead or manager and create good communication to let everyone know just what's going on.

Dominic DeMino

Team Lead, Service Department, Industrial Scientific

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