Keep the production line running

Every second counts. When supervisors fail to know about an unplanned absence in time, your production numbers are at risk.

With TeamSense, hourly employees call off by sending a simple text message and supervisors are notified in real-time. Enable supervisors to take action to keep your lines moving.

How does it work?

Slash unnecessary expenses

Payouts from overstaffing shifts and unexpected overtime can cost your organization thousands of dollars per month. Arm your team with timely information and data to move from reactive to proactive, saving costs and boosting your bottom line.

Before TeamSense, a multinational 3PL overstaffed operations by 3 employees each shift because absences were so prevalent.

With TeamSense, they reduced absenteeism, cut extra staffing, and saved thousands of dollars.

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Stop the shift scheduling scramble

The sooner we know about an absence, the better we can plan for it. TeamSense allows us to mitigate the impact of an absence by giving managers immediate, clear information so that no one is scrambling to figure out the schedule. We can find coverage quickly and prevent downtime.
Cassandra Cammons

Cassandra Cammons

CHRO for US Operations, Clayens

TeamSense customers typically see ROI in under three months.*

*Return on investment based on TeamSense average customer size and estimated time savings.

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100% adoption. 0 complaints.

Give hourly employees something they’ll actually use, while clearing your supervisors’ plates of manual busywork.

TeamSense's text-based solution for attendance and communication was a no-brainer. We love the simplicity and ease of the system.

Kelly O'Brien

HR Systems Analytics Leader, Blue Bird Corporation

Get insights that lead to action

Uncover the trends and patterns leading to higher absenteeism, and create optimized shift schedules for higher productivity and operations throughout.

With TeamSense, one Wisconsin-based manufacturing facility noticed significantly higher call-off rates on Tuesdays.

Upon further investigation, they discovered absences were related to Monday night Packers games.

Unite your entire workforce

Managing attendance through text is just the beginning. TeamSense establishes a digital connection to your hourly workforce, bridging an all-too-common communication gap.

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Roll out, rinse, repeat.

Roll out, rinse, repeat.

Getting the whole organization on TeamSense is easy and hassle-free. Roll out to a single site within 48 hours, then to additional facilities for seamless and scalable implementation.

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