About TeamSense

On a mission to better support hourly employees

TeamSense is empowering organizations to better engage and enable their hourly workers.

Our goal is to transform how businesses think about and connect with their hourly employees while automating manual processes and tasks that are often time-consuming, costly, and inefficient.

Meet the Team

Sheila Stafford


When not cranking away at TeamSense, she can be found hiding in the bushes tangled in a fierce game of laser tag with her two sons, and their band of mini-comrades.

Jeremy Wadsack


In the other half of his life he's constructing LEGO creations with his son, building things with wood, helping underrepresented students learn to code, or getting out into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

Alison Teegarden

Head of Product & Customer Experience

Coffee addict, nerd 🤓 , and aspiring Jedi Master. Outside of TeamSense, you might find Alison hiking with her husband, lost in a fantasy book, or hanging and serving with friends from church.

Zara Aslam

Software Engineer

When away from the computer, you’ll often find her binging the latest on Netflix or playing endless games of Sudoku.

Josh Nicks

Software Engineer

When he's not working, you can find Josh enjoying the great outdoors with his dog Ember, cooking, or making music with his family.

Nadine Dias

Marketing & Content

Most likely post-it-ing up a book, asking her cats why they are yelling, or out exploring the city of Chicago with her pitbull Frida.

Stef Gunderson

Customer Success Engineer

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Paul Terhaar

Software Engineer

When he’s not working or driving his kids to things, you can probably find Paul trimming shrubs or feeding his koi — neither of which he intended to become a hobby, but here we are.

Shannon Lambert

Executive Assistant

Away from TeamSense you'll find her busy coordinating all the chaos that comes with being a mom of two preschoolers and a teen. When she's not "moming" she's hanging out with her hubby or her Kindle.

Josh Moon

Customer Support Engineer

When not working, he's usually spending time watching too much TV with his wife and dog. Friday nights, however, you can find him being the Dungeon Master for his friends' D&D campaign.

Mike Capozzi

Software Engineer

Seeker of Knowledge. Father of Younglings. When he is not creating video games, he is playing them. Or at the very least, pretending he has time to! Mike also enjoys taking his wife to the movies when the stars align and a babysitter is available.

Andrew Mallonee

Software Engineer

Buyer of LEGOs (yeah buyer, not much building, who has time for that!?). Love spending time with the family going camping, playing board games, or just hanging out. My hobbies generally change like the seasons, I am a lifelong learner and maker of things.

Michael Gunderson

Software Engineer

Father. Gamer. Scary movie enthusiast. Maker. Human potato analog. QA turned dev who just loves to learn new technology. If I'm not programming, I'm usually chilling with my daughters or working CAD and 3D printing.

Vern Briggs

Software Engineer

Designer turned developer spending most of his hobby time rebuilding and refinishing guitars while learning the ins and outs of audio recording.

James Marah

Software Engineer

Just a cool guy that likes to do good. I like to keep my mind and body active playing sports & board games, like Backgammon. Yep, Backgammon.