Supporting Diversity: How HR Managers Can Leverage AI For Multilingual Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Join us for our upcoming webinar, hosted by Alison Teegarden, Co-Founder and COO at TeamSense, and Abika Nimmakayala, VP of Engineering at TeamSense. In today's diverse workplace, understanding and meeting the needs of your hourly workforce is paramount. This webinar will provide you with insights and effective strategies to tailor support and break down language barriers. Harness the power of AI-driven natural language processing capabilities with TeamSense, enabling seamless communication across more than 25 languages.

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Women Making Their Mark in Manufacturing: A Panel Discussion With Industry Leaders

Join us for a panel discussion celebrating Women’s History Month as we delve into the experiences and perspectives of women shaping the future of manufacturing and tech. In this webinar, our esteemed panelists, Sheila Stafford, Co-Founder and CEO at TeamSense and Jessica Kinman, Senior Manager at PwC and Chair of Women in Manufacturing, Washington will address key questions and share invaluable insights garnered from their diverse backgrounds.

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