Digitize your paper-based processes

Pulse Surveys

Understand the impact of your engagement efforts with regular feedback from your team.

Overtime Availability

Mitigate the impact of unplanned absences-fill the shift faster with a text announcement to available employees.

New Policy Acknowledgement

Communicate new policies via text message, and ensure your employees have read and understood them.

Safety Incident Reports

Enable employees to document work-related injuries or safety incidents via OSHA-compliant forms as soon as they occur.

Maintenance Requests

Employees on the floor are the first to notice issues that need fixing. Empower them to submit maintenance requests on the spot.

Mark Yourself Safe

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, quickly account for your team.

Carpool Sign Up

Track participation in employee programs and initiatives, like carpools or health and wellness challenges.

Collect and sync responses to any software application

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Get started with TeamSense