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Bridging the Tech Gap

425 BUSINESS - Sheila Stafford, Alison Teegarden, and Jeremy Wadsack have teamed up to bring technology to this underserved community. Their company, Everett-based TeamSense, was born out of incubator Pioneer Square Labs as a free text-based COVID symptom tracker in May 2020. It’s now used to report absences, submit employee feedback, access important employee resources, and more.


2022 Manufacturer Trends and Forecasts to be Released January 13, 2022

PR WEB - A whitepaper specifically for manufacturers and companies specializing in supply chain in every industry titled “2022 Trends & Forecasts: Human Resources in Supply Chain & Manufacturing, How Industry 4.0 Will Play Out” will be released publicly for download on January 13, 2022. Authored by manufacturing and supply chain insiders from Whirlpool, General Motors, Alcoa, General Mills, and Boston Consulting Group.

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