"TeamSense uses technology our team is comfortable with. I have not had a single person come into my office to complain about getting a text. The system just works and is accepted."

- Jenni Hanna, Plant Manager, Pella Corporation

Absence Management Software Made Simple

Don't Let Managers Waste Time with Absence Tracking

Save your managers up to 2 hours¹ per week with real-time absence reporting and mobile absence management.

  • Limit time spent listening to voicemails
  • Stop hunting down responses from employees
  • Don't worry about the necessary documentation

As employees call off for the day, managers receive instant absence alerts & updated team rosters through text.

¹ Based on a manufacturing company using traditional absence call-in with an employee to manager ratio of 120:1

Manage Your Employee Call Off System through Text

Your old-school employee attendance system is slowing your team down.

Managing absences through text has benefits for everyone:

  • Employees can easily report absence and absence details
  • Managers can quickly see who is going to be out for the day
  • Administrators can spot employee call off and attendance tracking trends
  • Everyone can communicate in the language they prefer

All the Benefits of an Absence Management App, Without the App

An ESS absence management system that lets your team report absences on the go.

  • No employee attendance app to download
  • No login or password to remember

All that is required is a verified phone number - and a willing employee.

Simple Absence Tracking Trends to Improve Absenteeism and Turnover

Enhance visibility into absences with attendance history and administrative notes in one location

Easy-to-use absence reports highlight trends by:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Divisions
  • Locations

Increase transparency across your manufacturing, construction, or hourly teams so you can put together a plan for improvement

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Faster, Easier, and More Accurate than an Employee Call off Hotline

TeamSense Text-Based Employee Call-In FAQs

Absence management software simplifies the end-to-end process of workers taking time off. It enables employees to easily report their absences, communicates those absences to managers and HR, integrates with other software like payroll or HRIS, and provides valuable reports and insights that help companies improve workplace attendance.

An employee call-out line is a phone number that workers use to report an unplanned absence, like calling in sick. The call is usually answered by a human operator who records and gathers information so the company can correctly code the absence, document if the absence is related to a workplace injury, and pay, or not pay, sick leave. Because human error is inevitable with human operators, many companies are replacing the traditional hotline with automated, online call-off services, like a text-based call out system.

TeamSense uses Employee ID and name to validate your team members. Once we connect the Employee ID to a phone number we return requests to the number we have on file.

Our method is convenient for hourly employees or those without easy access to a company email address or computer.

Yes, our system requires internet access to collect employee responses.

Tracking Employee Attendance Has Never Been So Easy

Text-Based Tools Built for Hourly Teams

Start building a more connected workplace through text.