End the call-off chaos

Listening to call-off voicemails is tedious and wastes everyone's time.

With TeamSense, employees call off by sending a simple text message. Supervisors are notified in real-time, and the data is automatically synced to the systems you need it in.

TeamSense for Attendance


of employees prefer text, while only 7% prefer voice. TeamSense offers both for complete coverage. (Source: TeamSense user data)

100% adoption. 0 complaints.

Stop squandering precious time on implementing new tools that end up unused. TeamSense ensures immediate adoption among hourly workforces, empowering you to provide them with a solution they'll love.

TeamSense uses technology our team is comfortable with. I have not had a single person come into my office to complain about getting a text. The system just works and is accepted.
Jenni Hanna

Jenni Hanna

Plant Manager, Pella Corporation

Empower your Ops team to stay one step ahead

Unplanned absences jeopardize your production numbers. Give your supervisors a headstart to avoid downtime with TeamSense's immediate notifications and arm them with the data to make proactive staffing decisions.

The sooner we know about an absence, the better we can plan for it. TeamSense allows us to mitigate the impact of an absence by giving managers immediate, clear information so that no one is scrambling to figure out the schedule. We can find coverage quickly and prevent downtime.
Cassandra Cammons

Cassandra Cammons

CHRO for US Operations, Clayens

Slash unnecessary expenses

Payouts from overstaffing shifts or unexpected site closures cost your organization thousands of dollars per month. By implementing proactive absence management and timely communication, you can directly slash costs and bolster your bottom line.

Before TeamSense, a multinational 3PL overstaffed operations by 3 employees each shift because absences were so prevalent.

With TeamSense, they reduced absenteeism, were able to staff with the appropriate amount of people, and saved thousands of dollars in shift payouts.

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Attendance through text is just the beginning.

Ease hourly employees into receiving company communications via text and finally bridge the communication gap.

Reach 100% of your employees for the first time ever.

TeamSense for Communication

We love TeamSense's language translation capability. Not only is it valuable from a communication and productivity standpoint, but it also gives employees an experience where they feel welcome, comfortable, and personally accommodated for.

Nate Millage

HR Coordinator, Magna Engineered Glass

Customer Care that actually cares

Our Customer Support team leads with compassion and a problem-solving mindset to get you fast and effective resolutions. You'll never wait too long to get a reply from us.

Under 10 Mins

Average TeamSense Customer Success response time during business hours

TeamSense's text-based solution for attendance and communication was a no-brainer. We love the simplicity and ease of the system.

Kelly O'Brien

HR Systems Analytics Leader, Blue Bird Corporation
Get up and running in under 48 hours

Get up and running in under 48 hours