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Aug 17, 2023

Best Attendance Management System for Your Business

A look at some of the best attendance management systems for hourly employees, built to help you track who is coming in for the day and what shifts need to be filled.

In 2022, the overall absence rate in the workplace among U.S. workers was 3.6%. In an effort to reduce these numbers, attendance management systems have become a pivotal component of efficient workforce management. Attendance management systems offer a wealth of features, including:

In short, attendance management tools streamline administrative tasks related to employee attendance.

Your choice of attendance management system may differ based on the unique requirements of your business. Some products are end-to-end solutions, while others are best for simple time tracking, and still others are specialized for certain industries. In other words, not all attendance management systems are created equal. Keep reading to understand how they all differ!

What to Look for In a Good Attendance Management Software

There are over 400 attendance management systems on G2. Since you probably don’t have time to sift through all of them, we’ll guide you through the best attendance management systems, their features, and how they could contribute to the productivity of your organization.

But before we review the list, here’s what to look for when choosing a system:

Ease of Use

An attendance management software should be user-friendly, ensuring both managers and employees can operate it without a ton of technical training. The software should allow employees to clock in and out with ease and simplicity, and managers should be able to get easy reporting and analytics to understand what’s going on within their organization.

Also, consider where your system needs to operate: mobile phone, desktop, SMS, Slack, or something else entirely. A system is only easy if your workforce uses it!

Customization Opportunities

A good attendance management software should offer customization options to cater to the specific needs of every business. For instance, the best platforms offer customizable reporting tools, enabling managers to generate specific information about workforce elements like labor costs, absence levels, training completion, and more. Your choice of attendance management tool should be able to adapt to your (hopefully) growing business!


With the rise of remote and hybrid workforces, it's critical for your attendance management software to be accessible from various devices and locations. The best tools enable your team members to easily log work hours at the office, at home, or on the go. Moreover, the software should integrate seamlessly with your other business systems, such as payroll and HR systems.


This one goes without saying, but make sure to find an attendance management system that stays within your budget. Most tools charge per user per month, so if you have a large organization, those numbers add up quickly.

Best Attendance Management Systems for Attendance Tracking

The following attendance management systems are transforming the traditional landscape of workforce management by providing efficient, flexible, and tech-enabled solutions. Join us in exploring this software and how it can help streamline your business operations.


TeamSense is a comprehensive employee attendance management system designed primarily for the needs of hourly workers. TeamSense simplifies the process of tracking and managing attendance, helping businesses to avoid the complications and inaccuracies associated with manual tracking systems or isolated mobile apps.

Our platform operates on a text-based system. Instead of requiring employees to install dedicated mobile apps or check their emails, employees can report their attendance status by simply sending a text message with a specific keyword. TeamSense then provides employees with a link to a short standardized survey to enter additional details.

Managers, on the other hand, receive real-time text notifications about their employees' attendance status so they can quickly start filling open shifts. All records, reports, and insights can then be accessed through our online dashboards, providing managers with a comprehensive overview of attendance trends.

Key Features & Services:

  • Call-off via text and simple absence survey workflows. No apps required!

  • Automated IVR system

  • Employee engagement surveys and recognition programs

  • Mark-your-self safe feature for safety check-ins

  • Self-service access for employees to request time off or view employee handbooks, policies, and forms

  • Attendance insights and reporting

  • 19 language options

Customers Include:

  • HelloFresh

  • Anheuser-Busch

  • BrassCraft

  • McCormick


  • Basic: Streamlined attendance management via text for $3/user/month

  • Pro: Attendance management with real-time insights and trends for $5/user/month

  • Advanced: Digital connection with your frontline workforce for $8/user/month

Ready to adopt a simple, yet powerful tool that helps your organization track, manage, and improve employee attendance with ease? TeamSense is the solution for you.

TeamSense customers typically see ROI in under three months.*

*Return on investment based on TeamSense average customer size and estimated time savings.


factorial logo

Factorial HR gives users the ability to set work schedules, calculate hours worked, and create shifts. In addition, Factorial includes functionalities for handling remote work and time off requests and provides built-in tools to monitor attendance and reduce absenteeism.

Factorial offers notifications when employees clock in or out from locations outside of the office and gives employees the ability to clock in using a dedicated app.

factorial screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Work schedule creation

  • Shift management

  • Employee performance

  • Onboarding/offboarding

  • Payroll and other finance features

  • App integrations

  • Employee portal

  • HR reports

Customers Include:

  • Housfy

  • CoverWallet

  • Voicemod

  • Whisbi


  • Business: $6.20/seat

  • Enterprise: $8.35/seat

QuickBooks Time

Quickbooks time logo

QuickBooks Time is a time-tracking software designed to help businesses manage people, projects, and payroll more effectively. It includes tools for managing multiple timesheets, mobile time tracking, and observing who's currently working. The software also features seamless integrations with accounting or payroll systems.

Another key aspect of QuickBooks Time is its geofencing feature, which reminds team members to clock in or out as they enter or leave a job site.

quickbook time screenshot


Key Features & Services:

  • Simple timesheets

  • Mobile time tracking

  • Custom reports

  • Invoice generator, expenses, direct deposits, and other finance features

  • Team management

  • Scheduling and timesheets

Customers Include:

None listed


  • Premium: $6/month

  • Elite: $12/month

Best Attendance Management Systems for Clock-in Clock-out

In this section, we'll explore the various attendance management systems available and how they can help transform the way your business approaches clock-in and clock-out procedures.


ontheclock logo

OnTheClock is a web-based time-tracking platform designed primarily for small businesses. The platform provides an all-in-one solution for businesses to manage and monitor their employees' working hours. Employees clock in and out on the system, generating data for accurate payroll calculations. It also allows flexibility for employees to sign in on any device, which can be combined with geofencing to ensure time theft is minimized.

ontheclock screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Payroll integrations with QuickBooks, Gusto, ADP, and more.

  • Multi-device accessibility

  • Geofencing

  • Automated time-off management

  • Fingerprint sign-in

Customers Include:

None listed


Based on the number of employees, but starts at $10.50 per month


Clockify logo

Clockify is a time-tracking and attendance management software that is accessible to both individual users and teams. As its primary function, it enables users to monitor time spent on various tasks or projects, providing data that can be analyzed for productivity assessment and billing purposes. It offers both manual and automated time entry methods, and can also function as a timesheet application. In addition, Clockify has features for managing projects, teams, and schedules, as well as for tracking expenses and generating invoices.

clockify screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Time tracker

  • Integrations with HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, Teams, Asana, Trello, and more

  • Reports

  • Team management

  • Expenses

  • Scheduling

  • Approvals

Customers Include:

  • Sony

  • Disney

  • Patagonia

  • Toyota


Starting at $3.99 per month logo offers a platform for employee time tracking, as well as billing, payroll, and attendance tracking. Their solution also includes features for project timesheet creation for billing and job costing, as well as tools for tracking paid time off and accruals. Additionally, the software is equipped with add-ons for scheduling, custom calendars, mileage and expense tracking, and a suite of human resources features.

timesheets screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Time tracking

  • Time off and PTO

  • Scheduling

  • Mileage and expenses tracking

  • Human resources

  • Reporting

Customers Include:

None listed


  • Freelancer: $0/user

  • Standard: $5.50/user

  • Non-profit: $4.40/user

Time Tracker

timetracker logo

Established to simplify payroll processes, TimeTracker captures employee work hours through several mechanisms such as time cards, timers, and weekly timesheets. The system is also accompanied by mobile applications compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. eBillity's TimeTracker supports the approval of employee timesheets by managers before synchronizing the data with payroll and accounting software.

timetracker screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Employees can track time, submit time and leave requests, view schedules online, and more

  • Project management features

  • Expenses and reimbursements

  • Invoicing

  • Mobile app on iOS and Android

Customers Include:

None listed


  • Time Tracker: $7.20/user/month

  • Time Tracker Premium: $12/user/month

  • LawBillity: $24/user/month

93% of employees prefer text

while only 7% prefer voice. TeamSense offers both for complete coverage.

Attendance Management Systems for Scheduling

Attendance management systems for scheduling can help prevent workforce unpredictability and improve overall organizational workflow. See some of the most reliable programs below.

When I Work

when i work logo

When I Work primarily serves shift-based workplaces, assisting organizations in building and tracking work schedules. The software aims to facilitate easier time tracking by integrating the work schedule with a time clock. Additionally, it supports team messaging and is available as both desktop and mobile apps, enabling all users to access the system as needed.

when i work screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Team Messaging

  • Scheduling

  • Time tracking

Customers Include:

  • CVS

  • Soundcloud

  • Kenneth Cole

  • Uber


  • Standard: $2.50/user

  • Advanced: $6.00/user

Time Doctor

time doctor logo

Time Doctor allows businesses to gather data and gain insights on how to improve team performance and productivity. It’s a hybrid productivity/attendance management tool. The software is designed to track time spent on each project, client, and task, while also providing a breakdown of how much time is spent at the computer, versus away from it. Managers can review and approve timesheets and the payroll setup is fully customizable.

time doctor screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Time tracking

  • Integration with enterprise tools

  • Project management and budgeting

  • Payroll and timesheets

  • Offline time tracking

Customers Include:

  • Thrive Market

  • BBB

  • Ericsson

  • Boost Media


  • Basic: $5.90/user/month

  • Standard: $8.40/user/month

  • Premium: $16.7/user/month


timetastic logo

Timetastic is an online platform designed to streamline the process of tracking and managing Paid Time Off (PTO) and vacation schedules for modern companies. The platform functions as a comprehensive tool for both employers and employees to log, track, and manage time-off requests. Furthermore, Timetastic automates several processes involved in absence management, making it a viable alternative to traditional methods such as the use of spreadsheets and shared calendars.

timetastic screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • PTO tracking

  • Integrated vacation calendar

  • Daily and weekly scheduling notifications

  • Interactive wall chart for leave overview

  • Burnout board

  • Absence insights

  • Software integration

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Employee Self-Service

Customers Include:

None listed


  • $1.30/user/month

Budget or Free Attendance Management Systems

In the pursuit of cost-effective and efficient management of workforce time and attendance, many businesses are turning to budget-friendly or even free software solutions. Let's delve into some of the most advantageous budget or free attendance management systems.


jibble logo

Jibble works across multiple platforms and is designed to cater to the needs of businesses in various industries. With Jibble, you can turn any device into a time clock. Jibble helps companies monitor the working hours of their employees accurately, irrespective of their location. It has face recognition, GPS tracking capabilities, and offline timesheet software.

jibble screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Timesheet app

  • Time clock

  • Face recognition

  • GPS tracking

  • Employee vacation tracker

Customers Include:

  • Pizza Hut

  • Hyundai

  • Pepsi

  • Accenture


  • Free

  • Premium: $2.49/month/user

  • Ultimate: $4.99/month/user


actiplans logo

Actiplans offers attendance management software that enables businesses to track and manage attendance effectively. Actiplans enables employees to track their attendance and submit leave requests remotely. Managers can group users and create “rules” for any employees. It’s a simple tool that does one thing well: work scheduling.

actiplans screenshot

Key Features & Services:

  • Leave management

  • Location tracking

  • Event scheduling

  • Scheduling

Customers Include:

None listed


  • 1 - 3 users: Free

  • 1 - 10 users: $1.5/user/month

  • 41 - 200 users: $1.2/user/month

  • 200+ users: Pricing is not available on the website

Attendance Management Software vs. Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance tracking software primarily focuses on recording the time an employee spends on work. Its fundamental purpose is to monitor when employees clock in and out, providing an accurate measure of work hours.

Attendance management software goes beyond just tracking work hours to encompass a broader set of HR-related functionalities. It manages absences, monitors paid time off (PTO), and generates attendance reports. It is often equipped with self-service portals, enabling employees to request PTO or leave, thereby fostering employee autonomy.

More comprehensive than tracking software, attendance management software might also support payroll integration with tools like QuickBooks, Gusto, and ADP. Advanced attendance management systems may provide custom reports and enable users to integrate with project management tools like Monday, Jira, and Asana.

Benefits of Using Attendance Management & Tracking Systems

Implementing a great attendance management system provides benefits for supervisors, employees, and the entire organization.

Labor Law Compliance

Attendance tracking systems can help businesses stay compliant with labor laws by automatically managing work hours, breaks, and overtime. This ensures that employees are accurately compensated according to legal regulations, reducing the risk of penalties or legal issues for your organization. What organization doesn’t want to be compliant with the law!

Simplified Payroll

Attendance management systems can automate the collection and calculation of employees' worked hours, making it easier to process payroll without errors. With accurate tracking records, discrepancies are minimized, leading to a smooth and hassle-free payroll experience for both employees and the HR/Payroll department.

Reduced Absenteeism

By keeping an accurate record of attendance patterns, these systems empower organizations to identify potential issues of absenteeism early on. Managers can then address the root causes and provide support to employees before absenteeism negatively impacts the workplace.

Improved Workforce Management

Attendance tracking software provides valuable insights and analytics on workforce performance, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions and improve workforce management. With better visibility of employee attendance patterns, organizations can effectively plan schedules, allocate resources, and maximize productivity.

Use the Best Attendance Management System

In navigating the world of attendance management systems, it's clear that businesses have an array of options, each with unique features and offerings. Tracking and managing attendance can be a daunting task, especially in larger organizations. But remember, the right tool can alleviate this burden, streamline your operations, and enhance productivity.

Among these varied programs, one stands out—TeamSense. We bring together the essential aspects of an excellent attendance management system, and then go the extra mile. From precise absence tracking and automated reports to integration capabilities with your existing HR and payroll systems, TeamSense provides you with a comprehensive toolset for managing your team's attendance with confidence.

What truly sets TeamSense apart is its dedication to not just being a tool, but also a partner in helping you achieve your business objectives. It's not only about tracking attendance; it's about understanding your team, making informed decisions, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. See firsthand how it can transform your attendance management processes.

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