Absenteeism Hits Hard in Manufacturing: How is Your Team Tackling the Cost?

Every manufacturing facility is expected to hit production numbers—at cost and quality—every single day. This becomes a lot harder to do when your team fails to show up for work.

Chronic, unplanned absenteeism is a major issue for many U.S. companies. Approximately one in ten hourly workers in the U.S. is absent when they’re scheduled to be at work on any given day.

Unscheduled absenteeism costs manufacturing operations more than you might realize—about $3,600 per hourly employee per year. These include both direct and indirect costs that can add up significantly, making it impossible to run a lean manufacturing organization.

In this eBook, we dive into how chronic, unplanned absenteeism is a costly impediment to manufacturing productivity and efficiency, plus how companies today are making huge leaps to improve absenteeism with better systems and processes.

Our employees won't download an app to their phone, so TeamSense was a great solution for us. TeamSense is easy to use even for our less tech-savvy employees. Everyone gets it, everyone can text.

Alyssa Reid

HR Manager, Precision Planting
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Kannetha Williams

Human Resources Business Partner, FryMaster
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