We focus on the security of our systems and the protection of your data in everything we do. You are trusting us with important, personal information and we appreciate your trust. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Your connection to TeamSense is secured through TLS using modern cipher suites. We have strict limits on access to personal data and we regularly test and review those permissions.

TeamSense servers and data are stored within the AWS cloud and benefit from its world-class security posture. AWS data centers meet SOC 2, ISO 27001, and numerous other standards for security. Inbound traffic is disabled by default and only allowed for specific, known protocols and traffic.

Our servers are automatically updated and maintained. We regularly review, scan, and update our systems and code to address security threats. We continuously monitor our systems for errors, crashes, and out-of-ordinary traffic and act on those events immediately.

Our servers are configured to be redundant and to fail-over if a fault should occur, and we have servers located across multiple data centers with automatic recovery. Server redundancy and auto-recovery are tested regularly in our maintenance cycles. Database data is continuously backed up to highly durable, multi-region storage.

If you have a security concern or are aware of an incident, please send an email to security@teamsense.com, a carefully controlled and monitored email account.