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Designed for the frontline worker and the people who manage them.

Loved by hourly employees

Minimize call-off employee disputes and miscommunication, and give your team something they'll actually use.

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“The system just works and is accepted.”
Plant Manager, Pella Corporation


TeamSense uses text messages to communicate, so there’s no need for hourly employees to download an app or learn a new technology.

100% adoption

We've got you covered; we work via text & voice

Fast to roll out

Onboard your workforce quickly and realize value in days – not weeks or months.

Get set up with TeamSense and integrate with your internal systems ASAP.

48 hours

From "Let's do it" to launch for 4,500 employees at HelloFresh

Reduce no-call no-shows and prevent downtime.

Unplanned absences throw a wrench in operations and negatively impact your production output for the day.

Notify supervisors of call-offs in real-time so they can fill shifts faster and keep the line running.

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The sooner we know about an absence, the better we can plan for it. TeamSense allows us to mitigate the impact of an absence by giving managers immediate, clear information so that no one is scrambling to figure out the schedule. We can find coverage quickly and prevent downtime.
Cassandra Cammons

Cassandra Cammons

Director of HR, Parkway Products

Spend time with your team, not with a spreadsheet

Tedious and inaccurate, your manual call-off process isn’t working for anyone. Ditch the voicemail transcriptions and manual data entry, and get hours back to spend with employees.

How TeamSense Supports HR
HelloFresh saves 3-4 hours per day with TeamSense.

HelloFresh cut time spent managing attendance by 50% at their 4,000-person distribution center.

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Prevent overstaffing and cut unnecessary labor costs.

Communicate unexpected plant closures or last minute shift changes in an instant. Keep employees informed and save thousands on overstaffing "show-up" pay costs.

Minimize your legal risk.

Ensure your attendance data is timely, accurate, and accessible to make informed business decisions. Best of all: Attendance data is employee-generated, so call-off logs are free from errors and biases and audit ready.

Get 100% adoption from day one.

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