Employee Health & Safety Monitoring

Making self-reporting of symptoms easy for companies of any size, TeamSense supports a safe and productive work environment for employees.

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Feel safe knowing your teammates are symptom-free and you will receive up-to-date information from leadership.

  • Easily report symptoms before you leave for work
  • Show a “badge” to indicate you are symptom-free
  • Connect to HR if you experience any symptoms
  • Access company policy on sick leave and pay
  • Receive announcements from leadership
  • Communicate with your supervisor in 1:1 chat

Managers and Supervisors

Save time and stress knowing the complete status of your team.

  • Receive notifications when a team member reports in sick
  • Generate shift rosters based on employee statuses
  • Communicate with team via group or 1:1 chat

Administrators & Corporate Leaders

Easily track diagnoses and symptoms while protecting employee privacy.

  • Access dashboard reporting by geography & team
  • Enable on-site Temperature Screen Mode to allow data input while protecting privacy
  • Send announcements to employee groups
  • Communicate 1:1 with employees
  • Set up workflows to push notifications & checklists
  • Set up permissioning to control access to PII & PHI
  • Records stored in a secure database
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
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