Easily connect with every member of your team

Track attendance, share business updates, or send out team surveys.

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Digital transformation, but make it simple

Communicate Instantly

Instantly connect with every member of your team through text
Track Attendance

Allow managers to access information quickly through mobile
Improve Efficiencies

Learn how to use your organization's data to spot areas for improvement

There's an easier way to do things

Text-based call off that improves employee satisfaction

Simplify your team's attendance process

Get managers up and running faster with instant mobile alerts.

  • Employees text in to report an absence
  • All information is captured digitally
  • Managers are instantly notified of time off

Instantly reach your entire organization

Connect and engage with every member of your team through text-based employee communication.

  • Leadership announcements and quarterly updates
  • Team recognition and role changes
  • Employee polls and questionnaires

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