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How The Pella Corporation Improves Productivity By Reducing Absenteeism

Customer Spotlight: Automotive Supplier Yanfeng Lets Employees Call Off with Text

The Costly Impact of Employee Absenteeism on Manufacturing Operations

Boost productivity with attendance you can count on

Stop scrambling and start your shifts on time. GMs hit their daily production targets. Supervisors focus on production, and HR can focus on engagement.

 See How Call-Off Works

Optimize efficiency by reducing overtime and overstaffing

With more predictable staffing, GMs can reduce overstaffing and overtime expenses. TeamSense shows employees their points and attendance history before calling off–reducing absenteeism and no call, no shows.

How a 3PL Cut Absenteeism 39%

Inspire engagement with a digital bridge to hourly workers

Text-based call-offs establish a digital connection. Site leaders can communicate or send questionnaires instantly to teams of thousands. This two-way communication improves engagement, loyalty, and employee satisfaction.

Transform Team Communication

Only TeamSense reduces absenteeism with transparency

Points Threshold Card
Points balances displayed at call off alter behavior and improve attendance
Last 12 Months Unscheduled Absences
Attendance histories are always visible, fostering clarity and accountability
Text Message Notification
Proactive warnings alert employees when they approach policy thresholds
We run 24x7 operations...Getting that information on who's here, who's not going to be here, and who's going to get here late factors into how we plan to keep the lines running.
The AZEK Company Logo Tim Carracher
Sr. Manager, HRIS, The AZEK Company

Other call-off systems don’t reduce absenteeism

Don’t make employees call supervisors directly

Supervisors get absence alerts via text. No more phone tag before shift starts.

Free up supervisors from micromanaging call-offs

Supervisors should focus on shift planning, not taking calls or listening to voicemails.

Calling an operator: the worst of all worlds

Employees resent hold times and language barriers with attendant-based services.

Making call-off easier actually boosts productivity

End the No Call, No Show

Unannounced absences (called "No Call, No Shows") harm productivity, efficiency and employee engagement. When call-off takes seconds with an easy text, more employees use it, so you'll know who's in and who's out.

Absenteeism and No Call, No Shows hurt the whole team


General Managers

Attendance uncertainty harms reliable operations and the GM’s bottom line. TeamSense call-off makes staffing predictable.


Team Leaders

Team Leaders shouldn’t have to pick up the phone for call-offs. TeamSense stops the calls and records the absences automatically.


HR Representatives

HR teams spend hours a week on pre-shift attendance checks. TeamSense shows HR who’s out today, and every day, forever.


Hourly Employees

If calling off takes more than a few seconds, many decide not to call. When communication flows easily, everyone feels heard.

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Reduce Absenteeism Now

Reduce Absenteeism Now