Symptom screening made easy.

Helping keep your team safe, connected, and productive
with fast and simple screening for COVID-19 symptoms. TeamSense is easy to get setup and requires no app download or installations.

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Feel safe knowing your teammates
are symptom-free.

  • Report your health status in less than 20 seconds
  • No log-in or corporate email address needed
  • Show a “badge” to indicate you are symptom-free
  • Receive symptom questionnaire in your native language

Managers and Supervisors

Save time and stress knowing the status of your entire team.

  • Receive notifications when a team member reports in sick
  • Generate team rosters based on employee statuses so you can get up and running faster each day

Administrators & Corporate Leaders

Easily track diagnoses and symptoms while protecting employee privacy.

  • Access dashboard reporting of screening results
  • Group employees to segment reporting and trends by team, location, or function
  • Set up permissioning to control access to specific reporting results
  • Retain history of reporting as a record of compliance


Rapidly screen employees at the facility entrance to ensure a quick start to the shift.

  • Search for employees and enter questionnaire data via mobile device
  • Protect employee privacy by restricting access to reporting history
  • Combine screening and self-reporting records in one centralized dashboard

What our customers are saying

“TeamSense really supports our goals of having a safe and healthy workplace. They've been dynamic and responsive to everything we've needed as we've evolved through this process. The core theme here is change; everything is changing daily and weekly. I feel much more prepared that we have a platform to be able to manage the health status of our employees and I think they feel confident as well."
— Julie Gee, Head of HR, Dimar Manufacturing Corporation
"We looked at many apps, but TeamSense was the most streamlined and was ready to implement immediately. In a very stressful time, TeamSense made one aspect of reopening very easy for us"
— Sal LaMantia, Safety Director, Cord Contracting Company
"We love how quick and easy the app is to use."
— Tina Coppinger, HR Manager, T&B Tube Company
"I think [TeamSense] is great, not only for Covid, but for acknowledgement for the overall status of employees. A lot of times, we don’t find out about call-offs until shift start...[but] because the [TeamSense] message is sent at 4:30 a.m., I know an hour or so before the shift if someone is calling off, so it helps plan the day earlier. Also, most people are more likely to text message than actually call. It’s a good communication tool."
— Jake Schwartz, Supervisor, T&B Tube Company
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