COVID-19 Symptom Screening & Attendance Management

COVID-19 is surging across workplaces around the world. Learn how you can keep your team safe, connected, and informed with daily communication.

COVID-19 SYMPTOM Screening - keep your team safe

Support employees with daily communication and self-assessment
Empower managers with transparency
in shift updates and attendance
Monitor COVID-19 trends across teams to decrease the risk of spread
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we've sent over 180,000 COVID-19 surveys to teams like yours

Our Clients Know Best

“We looked at many apps, but TeamSense was the most streamlined and was ready to implement immediately. In a very stressful time, TeamSense made one aspect of reopening very easy for us."

Sal LaMantia
Safety Director, Cord Contracting Company
“TeamSense really supports our goals of having a safe and healthy workplace. They've been dynamic and responsive to everything we've needed as we've evolved through this process. The core theme here is change; everything is changing daily and weekly. I feel much more prepared that we have a platform to be able to manage the health status of our employees and I think they feel confident as well."
Julie Gee
Head of HR, Dimar
"I think [TeamSense] is great, not only for Covid, but for acknowledgement for the overall status of employees. A lot of times, we don’t find out about call-offs until shift start...[but] because the [TeamSense] message is sent at 4:30 a.m., I know an hour or so before the shift if someone is calling off, so it helps plan the day earlier. Also, most people are more likely to text message than actually call. It’s a good communication tool."
Jake Schwartz
Supervisor, T&B Tube Company
"Before TeamSense, we were spending significant time at the start of each shift collecting and reviewing COVID-19 pre-start paper forms. TeamSense's solution automated the entire pre-start check-in process, allowing us to accurately and quickly pre-screen all of our team members with confidence. The feedback from our employees and managers has been overwhelmingly positive."
Barry Price
General Manager, Beaver Aerospace & Defense


Manage attendance, monitor symptom trends, and save your team time

Keep everything in one place with dashboard tracking & free-form notes.
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Ensure compliance as OSHA guidance continues to change

There are so many requirements, and guidance is changing all the time. Stay up to date with a platform that can flex with every new policy.
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Access results & notes from one place
Reach everyone via text or email
See real-time alerts for  attendance
Connect in multiple languages
Customize what you send out
No app download or sign-in required
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trust that your data is kept private

Data Privacy
Occupational Safety
Cloud Security
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