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It's simple to connect with your team

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Communicate to your team through text

Easily manage communication and contact information for your hourly team members.

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Manage attendance on the go

Send real-time updates automatically to your managers before their shifts start.

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Customize your text-based search engine

Choose what your employees can access in their Employee Self-Service Portal.

Simplify your team attendance

Manage attendance more quickly and effectively

Get managers up and running faster with instant mobile alerts.

  • Employees text in to report an absence
  • Managers are instantly notified of time off
  • All information is captured digitally
Instantly Reach Your Entire Organization

Communicate more inclusively with your entire workforce

Easily connect with every member of your team with mass communication through text.

  • You send through TeamSense, your team receives it through text
  • Share leadership announcements, team recognition, and role changes
  • Manage employee contact information in one simple location
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TeamSense Product Overview

Easily connect your admins, managers, and hourly team through text.

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