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TeamSense Year in Review 2022
Jan 31, 2023

TeamSense Year in Review 2022

A year in review with TeamSense reveals new attendance data and employee absence insights. See how your company stacks up.

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Fix the root cause of No-Call No-Show with TeamSense

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A lot can happen in a year—that’s 365 days with the potential for growth and opportunity. Here at TeamSense, 2022 kept us busy pushing the limits and bringing innovation to the attendance management space.

Here’s a look at the highlight reel for TeamSense in 2022 and the attendance data and absence insights we uncovered along the way.

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Communicate messages sent

Communication Remains Key

If there’s one thing employers need easy access to, it’s the ability to communicate with their team. At TeamSense, it’s our job to make the process as smooth as possible. Here’s how our communication numbers stacked up in 2022.

  • Number of communicate messages sent by TeamSense: 3,544,857
  • Delivery rate of messages sent: 98.5%
  • Average number of messages sent by TeamSense companies each week: 2
Absence types

Biggest Driver of Absences is Sick Leave

With our data, we were able to break down absences by type and see exactly how common certain absences are. Despite sick leave being the most common reason for employee absence, it’s still an encouraging data point. This means more team members are actually using their time off instead of showing up to their shifts while sick.

Top Five Absence Types for TeamSense Customers:

  • Sick leave: 52%
  • Other leave: 23%
  • Late arrival: 12%
  • Covid: 10%
  • Family emergency: 3%
Absence rate
Perfect attendance

Benchmarks for Absence Rate and Attendance Rate

In 2022, we discovered two benchmark rates when it comes to absences and attendance. How do employee absences at your company compare to these data points?

  • TeamSense benchmark average absence rate: 1.8%
  • TeamSense benchmark perfect attendance rate: 35%
Surveys completed

Surveys Collect Feedback, More Details

Our survey feature lets TeamSense users dig deeper to gather more information about call offs and gain feedback to improve employee engagement.

  • Surveys completed across all customers in 2022: 924,397

Four Most Common Survey Types:

  • Call off
  • Covid 19
  • Feedback
  • Custom Survey
Notable feature

Most Notable Feature: Attendance Insights

In December, we launched Attendance Insights to serve up even more data for our customers. This feature uncovers stats like which employee had the most (or least) absences and surfaces trends like which day of the week most absences take place.

How Does Attendance at Your Company Stack Up?

No matter what industry you serve, this data can provide attendance benchmarks that can help you understand trends and insights when it comes to your own team’s attendance. Ready to take your absence management to the next level? TeamSense makes it simple. Try it now and see how our text-based attendance tracking software can help your company in 2023.


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