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Collect Feedback From Your Hourly Employees Through Text

Implement effective employee engagement initiatives by reaching the team members who are usually unreachable — your hourly employees.

  • Do you want to measure engagement for a large, ever-changing, frontline team?
  • Do your engagement initiatives need to support multiple languages?
  • Do you worry that you won't be able to reach your team with traditional survey tools?

Employee engagement surveys and employee recognition through text lets you reach your frontline employees with the click of a button.

Start improving your company culture with text.

No email, login, or app is required.


An Employee Engagement Platform that Delights & Engages Your Team

Small Moments, Big Impacts - Employee Engagement That Works

TeamSense employee engagement tools are built for the modern workplace.

  • It's a text-based employee engagement solution that helps HR professionals collect feedback and send engagement surveys to frontline employees.
  • Unlike other employee engagement tools, TeamSense does not require an app or log-in credentials.

TeamSense lets you send out employee pulse surveys to your frontline workers in a simple way that works for them.

Ditch the old traditional survey, and add some fun into how you collect feedback from your team. Add emojis and casual, fun language to add an element of delight into your employee's engagement experience.

Why is it important to gather feedback? Because it helps keep employees engaged!

A study showed that listening to employee feedback makes employees 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best at work*

Move Your Organization Forward By Building a Connected Team

Employee engagement is a key factor in business success. What are the benefits of employee engagement and how does it affect business outcomes?

  • 92% of executives believe that engaged employees perform better. Teams with the highest employee engagement see 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability*
  • 72% of executives strongly agree that organizations with highly engaged employees have happy customers. An engaged workforce produces high customer satisfaction ratings*
  • Employees who are engaged are 5x less likely to have a safety incident and 7x less likely to have a lost-time safety incident*
  • A high level of employee engagement reduces absenteeism to 41%
  • Employee engagement enhances morale at work and fosters a strong team culture

How can your organization increase employee engagement?

Employee feedback matters, so make sure to send out surveys regularly and encourage your employees to respond. Based on their responses, recognize the common themes and address any collective concerns. Make them feel heard by identifying what needs to change and developing concrete solutions to work towards that change. Through this feedback mechanism, you can drive employee engagement and increase employee retention.

How Does Mobile Employee Engagement Software Benefit HR Teams?

HR teams and managers are often drained by the tedious administrative tasks they have to complete every day. By incorporating innovative and automated solutions into your entire employee lifecycle, you are saving precious time and energy to invest in more important projects. You know what they say - work smarter, not harder.

So how can employee engagement software benefit HR personnel?

  • Provide a more accessible internal communication platform for hourly workers
  • Create survey tools that will provide employees a chance to reflect and share ideas
  • Send pulse surveys to obtain employee sentiment, understand employee experience, and boost engagement
  • Provide real-time feedback on employee performance to promote professional development
  • Boost employee recognition by celebrating employee achievements and employee rewards to promote a positive company culture

There are so many ways to improve employee engagement and company culture using employee engagement tools! Move your organization forward by investing in an employee engagement software that gives your team the best employee experience and is available in a language that they understand.

Replace Old, Formal Employee Engagement Solutions with Text

Physical suggestion boxes and formal long-form engagement surveys are out. Short, simple, and digital engagement forms are in.

Reach your frontline teams with engagement initiatives right on their phones. Gather feedback and suggestions through text. No app to download, no login required. Team members are onboarded with just their name and employee ID.

With TeamSense You Can:

  • Gather feedback by sending employee engagement surveys through text.
  • Use easy and custom scheduling to send recurring surveys to your team.
  • Set automatic reminders to improve response time.
  • Switch to anonymous responses to build a sense of trust.
  • Identify trends and variations across demographics, locations, and teams.
  • Track to see if your employee engagement efforts are making a difference.
  • Delight your team by adding an element of fun and personality to your surveys

Promote diversity and inclusivity in your company culture. Choose employee engagement software that supports multiple languages.

Multiple languages available: Employees can choose from English, Spanish, French, Haitian, and Vietnamese languages. Need another one? Ask and you shall receive!

TeamSense gives you the benefits of an employee engagement app, without the need for an app. If you're looking for easy-to-learn employee engagement software, we have the right employee engagement tools for you.

Texting is The Most Preferred Method For Employee Communication

Texting provides a convenient platform to collect and share engagement and communication with large, hourly teams. Everyone always has their phone on them, and we are all comfortable texting, even the older generation. All your team will need is an active Wi-Fi network or a data plan to access the surveys through text.

Texting is one of the most convenient platforms for internal communications, engagement, and employee recognition. We have also come to realize its potential as a means for connecting with employees and building a sense of company culture. Texting is simply the most practical way to connect with the workforce around employee communication, onboarding, engagement, attendance, and performance management.

With text, you can communicate with your frontline teams in accessible, inclusive, and easy-to-digest ways.

Gather Feedback on a Regular Basis With Continuous Pulse Surveys

It is important to note that building an engaged workforce takes more than a one-time survey. To understand the employee experience, you have to connect with your frontline employees regularly.

Types of Employee Engagement Surveys:

  • Pulse Surveys: Short & sweet surveys sent weekly or monthly.
  • Engagement Surveys: Longer, in-depth surveys sent once or twice annually.
  • New Hire Surveys: Surveys for new hires to share feedback about onboarding.
  • Employee Lifecycle Surveys: Surveys to assess employee engagement at specific milestones (6 months after joining, 1 year, 2 years, etc.).
  • Exit Surveys: Surveys for departing employees to share feedback with the organization.

Using text as the channel for your employee engagement program speeds up the feedback collection process for HR professionals and provides a way to perform continuous performance management throughout the employee lifecycle. Mobile employee engagement software will ultimately increase employee satisfaction and boost engagement among your frontline teams.

Employee engagement platforms are not created the same. With TeamSense, surveys can be made anonymous and set to a recurring schedule so you can continually gather feedback from your team. It is an efficient way to do a 'temperature check' or keep a regular 'pulse' on your team's engagement. Automated reminders ensure the best possible response rates, so you can make sure everyone who wants to voice their opinion has the chance.

Measure your Employee Engagement Initiatives Across Locations & Teams

Improving employee engagement for frontline employees feels like an impossible feat when you have no data or real-time insights to work with. This is why every organization needs good employee engagement software. HR personnel need feedback from the entire workplace to create an effective engagement strategy, and ultimately, a better employee culture.

So how can employee engagement tools like TeamSense benefit your organization? TeamSense will give you a simple data report where you can view engagement metrics by team, site, or location. Through TeamSense, you'll be able to analyze employee engagement rates across your organization, filter by people leaders, locations, or teams, and measure how your engagement levels are impacted as you ramp up your engagement initiatives.

You can also:

  • Track employee response rates.
  • Track employee engagement over time.
  • Measure the strength of your manager-employees relationships.
  • Measure how connected employees feel to the company.

Your company can use these actionable insights to improve the performance management process and increase employee engagement.

What better way to engage employees than TeamSense employee engagement solutions?

TeamSense Integrations

TeamSense integrates with most HRIS and Time & Attendance providers.

Integrations can be set up as a one-way push to TeamSense or a two-way sync.

The most common use cases for integrations include:

  • Ensure employee records are always up-to-date, including new additions, terminations, and manager changes
  • Sync employee contact information (which changes more frequently for hourly employees than the average population)
  • Automatically transfer attendance events and absence reason codes directly into time & attendance system
  • Enable employees to check attendance points or vacation balances
  • Eliminate time wasted in manual data entry and reduce human error in transferring data

We are actively working on adding additional integrations. Need something not shown? Just ask.


Learn How To Manage Engagement w/ Text

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TeamSense Employee Engagement Survey FAQs

An employee engagement tool like TeamSense allows you to regularly send out surveys to employees through text. Employees respond to surveys using their phones with just a few taps on the screen.

HR teams can use the TeamSense employee engagement software to schedule surveys and send them through text or email. The employees will then receive a unique link to complete their survey. All they have to do is click on the link and it will automatically open on their default mobile web browser. As long as they are connected to the internet, they will be able to fill out the form and turn it in. There is nothing to download and no account to create.

Yes, the surveys collected by the TeamSense employee engagement solution are completely anonymous. Anonymity encourages honest feedback and increases the response rate. An anonymous employee feedback system also allows employees to report employee experience and evaluate co-workers or managers without fear of retaliation.

Surveys are a big component in the onboarding and exit experience, and they continue to serve a purpose throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Obtaining continuous feedback is crucial to improving employee engagement. By consistently asking for employee feedback through engagement and pulse surveys, you are showing employees that their opinions and their voices matter. You are also letting them know that management is taking the time to listen to and understand their needs and concerns.

TeamSense visualizes the responses for you in simple charts and enables you to filter by date, location, and manager. For recurring surveys, we offer trend visualization so you can quickly assess how employee engagement changes over time. The reports generated by our employee engagement software can be used by HR teams for performance management to improve employee performance and drive employee engagement. You can also use our software to associate responses with managers or locations so that you can compare employee engagement trends per team.

Yes, employees will need an internet connection to submit forms and surveys.

Each employee has their own profile where you can customize language preference, location, team, manager, shift schedule, etc. Employees onboard themselves by texting into TeamSense and are responsible for keeping their own information up-to-date. If they get a new phone number, they text into TeamSense and say so. This distributes the burden off of HR's back and saves managers and leaders time trying to ensure phone numbers are accurate.

Only approved managers and administrators have access to each employee's profile. They access through a web-based browser, through their phone or computer. Approved personnel will be able to see forms that team member has filled out, surveys, absences, notes, time off, communication, etc.

If you want to know more about how data is stored across our platform, see our privacy policy.

Mobile employee engagement tools like TeamSense work best for industries that have high volume hiring needs and those that are currently experiencing a high employee turnover. Examples are manufacturing, hospitality, retail, construction, and many more. This employee engagement platform is also ideal for companies that employ multiple remote or off-site teams. TeamSense lets HR teams send out employee pulse surveys to all their workers, even the ones deployed outside the office. No need to create an account or download an app.

TeamSense Product Overview

Employee Engagement Software Made Simple

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