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Attendance tracking can feel like a never-ending problem. Once an employee calls out, it triggers the domino effect: Managers to inform. Shifts to fill. Attendance to track. Cue the instant headache.

Stop relying on confusing spreadsheets, voicemails, and mobile apps to track employee hours. Your time matters. And who has time for that?

  • Save managers up to 2 hours per week tracking employee absences
  • Limit time spent listening to voicemails and updating your manual attendance tracker
  • Improve shift planning with manager and HR notifications
  • Collect all data with simple, multiple-choice options
  • Eliminate miscommunication with language preferences
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The Attendance Tracking System Built For Fast Results.

Attendance tracking software should be simple. Text makes it easy.

Get one easy-to-use attendance management system that benefits everyone—employees, managers, and Human Resources. Keep everybody on the same page by:

  • Reporting attendance status through text
  • Managing time off through a simple portal
  • Connecting with the team about shift availability
  • Keeping track of attendance trends, notes, and history

How Does It Work?

The text process is seamless. Employers select the keywords for employees to text, and a triggered workflow follows.

  • Text TeamSense a keyword like “Absent” to report attendance status
  • Keyword-triggered workflow
  • Employees only see the process they need at that moment
  • Customize with 19 different language options

Next, they add a little more detail. Are they out sick? Taking PTO? Or just running late? This makes it easier for HR to code the status type quickly.

  • Employees answer in multiple-choice options
  • Admins design attendance surveys to meet the company’s needs/time-off process
  • No confusion about where to click next

Once the text is sent, the alert hits the manager’s dashboard. No more listening to 20 voicemails each morning. No more letting absent team members fall through the cracks.

  • Notifications sent instantly to managers and team leads
  • Managers communicate out for shift replacements and overtime requests
  • Organization data collected in a web-based online dashboard for HR administrators
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Time and Attendance Software for the Hourly Workforce

TeamSense empowers your team through engagement, keeps everyone in the loop with attendance, and saves you time (and dollar signs) while boosting productivity along the way.

Nope, you don’t have to have the latest tech to get it done. All you need is text.

All the Features You Need for the Best Attendance Tracking Software

Employee Self-Service

Employees gain easy to access employee self-service software whenever they need it. No more calling the HR department and waiting for a reply. No more asking a busy manager for the info you need. Employees get instant access to everything they need over text.

  • No employee app and no company email needed
  • Give hourly workers immediate access to policies, procedures, and forms—all in one place
  • Send a text to gain 24/7 without having to leave a voicemail or track anyone down

Attendance Insights & Reporting

Attendance Insights will change the way you look at attendance tracking forever. This feature equips managers with tools to discover attendance patterns and outliers to aid their team. Attendance Insights enhances attendance software data by surfacing key information that only exists within the TeamSense employee attendance system.

  • Filter by status type, date range, location/division
  • See who’s maintained perfect attendance
  • View employees who have been out the most
  • Notice attendance trends that impact profits and team productivity
  • Export valuable attendance reports
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Automatic Language Translations

Your team is diverse. Your language options should represent that. That’s why TeamSense offers 19 languages to communicate with your hourly employees.

Currently available languages:

  • Akan
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional) - Taiwan
  • Cantonese Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Haitian Creole
  • Hindi
  • Khmer
  • Marshallese
  • Nepali
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

Don’t see the language you need on the list? No problem. We’re always open to adding more languages to fit the needs of your team.

Seamless Integrations

In a fast-paced industry, employees are added and removed on a weekly/daily basis—let us take care of that. With our integrations, you don't have to juggle manually keeping up with those changes.

  • Sync team member data
  • Automatically transfer attendance data into the system
  • Enable employees to check attendance points and vacation/PTO
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce human errors
  • Rely on a solid documentation process
  • All data is encrypted

TeamSense integrates with most major HRIS providers. Don’t see yours here? Just ask.

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Put The Best Attendance Tracking Software To Work For Your Team

TeamSense Employee Attendance System FAQs

Attendance management is the process of documenting your employees' work hours and time off.  Attendance management can be completed by tracking the time and days employees work on paper, in a spreadsheet, using punch cards, or leveraging an online attendance software.

An employee time and attendance system helps monitor team performance and employee attendance. For years, many companies have relied on things like Excel timesheets or an attendance tracking template as their go-to employee attendance tracker.

That sort of attendance tracking system might have worked in the past, but more convenient and automated options are available for gathering attendance. These employee time and attendance system provide better employee time tracking, help prevent time theft, and make employee scheduling easier.

Our employee time and attendance system is a modern attendance software solution that helps track employee attendance through text and create custom reports.

An attendance tracking solution doesn't need to break the bank. The baseline cost of TeamSense’s attendance tracking software begins at $3.00 per user per month (Starter Plan). This tier includes text call-off, daily dashboard access, and unlimited messages.

Our upgraded plans include additional features such as attendance insights, customized forms, and additional languages. Our most popular plan (Pro Plan) is $5.00 per user per month. The highest level (Advanced Plan) is $8.00 per user per month. See the pricing breakdown here.

It’s simple. First, employees text a keyword like “Absent.” The employee sees a triggered workflow asking them a few more details to learn their reason for missing work. Next, the time and attendance software quickly informs HR and management the employee is unavailable for work. They are then able to make shift changes and contact replacements who might want the extra overtime. Employees spend less time communicating about their work hours, and managers spend less time figuring out the employee time and attendance system.

The best attendance tracking software comes with automated features that improve efficiency in time tracking and employee scheduling, and an easy way to track attendance. TeamSense’s employee attendance system excels at this.

Spreadsheets are an archaic way to do attendance tracking. Sure, they get the job done. But it takes up valuable time that HR and management can be spending elsewhere. Simply put, relying on attendance tracking spreadsheets as your employee attendance system to monitor attendance is costing your company money. TeamSense’s employee attendance software can free up to 2 hours of time per week for your HR and managers.

Employee attendance software eliminates the need for manual data entry, cutting back on human error in time and attendance software data being logged into the attendance management system.

Ditch the outdates employee time clock and time tracking spreadsheets for a time and attendance system customized for you.

Yes. Our attendance management system lets you collect attendance data with your own customized questions. Create custom workflows with attendance surveys that fit your company’s needs and time off processes for better employee scheduling and project management.

When an employee texts that they will be out for the day, they’ll be prompted to answer a set of questions giving you more information about their reason. Employees can select if they want to use PTO, attendance points, or sick time for missing work. This also saves HR time when it comes to coding the missed attendance by reason type.

Absence management and related software categories often require multiple systems to achieve the same result that the TeamSense time and attendance software can since it integrates with your existing project management software and human resources software.

TeamSense takes employee time and attendance software to another level when coordinating employee schedules, employee attendance tracking, maintaining employee hours, and managing employee data. Its works with a remote or mobile workforce - whether on the floor or in the field.

Our attendance tracking system supports multiple languages for easy attendance tracking so that non-English speaking employees can report their time off, attendance status, and medical leave requests through text. These time and attendance tracking text notifications will be sent directly to team leaders or HR managers, keeping everyone on the same page.

Key features of our attendance solution:

  • Attendance trackers for all employees (PTO requests and unpaid time)
  • Text-based access from mobile phones
  • Helping you stay compliant with employee records
  • Unlimited users can be added for the small business or enterprise
  • Integrations and attendance capabilities to better track time
  • Give human resources and managers direct access to the employee management platform

Yes. The TeamSense attendance solution integrates with most major HRIS providers, payroll software, and time and attendance software platforms (like ADP, Ceridian, Workday, and UKG products). Integrations can be set up as a one-way push to TeamSense or a two-way sync.

TeamSense always reflects the most up-to-date information, from adding new employees to changing the team structure. In the industries we serve, employees are added and removed weekly or even daily to make absence management easier. With our HRIS and payroll software integrations, you don't have to manually keep up with those changes. Our attendance management software saves you time and a lot of hassle with human capital management.

Integrations for HRIS and payroll software combined with all the other features is what makes TeamSense a top attendance tracking software. These features allow for automatic overtime calculations, human capital management, project tracking, preventing employee time theft, and better leave management. Manage human resources like never before with this workforce management solution.

Text works for employee attendance tracking. Simple as that. You don't need a complicated attendance solution. Our competitors boast fancy employee attendance software apps with bells and whistles, but if no one can use the tech—what’s the use?

TeamSense is built for hourly and remote employees on the floor or in the field who don’t want to download an app, don’t use employee email, and don’t have the latest and greatest smartphone. Text is the common denominator that unites everyone from small businesses to enterprise. And other competing workforce management solutions and time clock software have ignored that with their employee attendance software and time tracking capabilities.

Replace your old time tracking tool and PTO tracking software with the best attendance tracking solution. Get more employee productivity, better payroll management, improve team management, and enhanced employee time tracking software all delivered with TeamSense and the integrations we provide.

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