The sooner we know about an absence, the better we can plan for it. TeamSense allows us to mitigate the impact of an absence by giving managers immediate, clear information so that no one is scrambling to figure out the schedule. We can find coverage quickly and prevent downtime.
Cassandra Cammons

Cassandra Cammons

CHRO for US Operations, Clayens

How TeamSense text based attendance tracking software works

Simple, text-based attendance tracking system keeps everyone in the loop and provides in-the-moment notifications of who's called out, plus attendance histories and points balances.

TeamSense proudly serves some of the largest manufacturers in the US and Canada.

Our automated attendance tracking solution is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Empower your Ops team to stay one step ahead of absenteeism 

Unplanned absences paired with a terrible attendance tracking process wreaks havoc on your production numbers. Give your supervisors a headstart before a shift even starts and avoid downtime with TeamSense and arm them with the data to make proactive staffing decisions instead of reactive.
*real customer data

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The only attendance tracking solution that reduces absenteeism up to 40% 

You've got to get a grip on absenteeism, which means starting with attendance tracking and nobody gets that better than TeamSense! Empower your team with data to make better attendance decisions and watch call outs drop.

    How a 3PL cut absenteeism 39%

    Overtime costs fall when you pair attendance tracking with a robust call out process

    When you streamline your call out process, overtime becomes an alternative option, not a necessity.

    Equip your employees with an attendance tracking system that reduces the scramble of unplanned absences and curtails overtime spending. With TeamSense, one customer saw their expected overtime costs drop by $750K a year as a result. Hello ROI! 

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      We run 24x7 operations...Getting that information on who's here, who's not going to be here, and who's going to get here late factors into how we plan to keep the lines running.
      Tim Carracher
      Sr. Manager, HRIS, The AZEK Company

      Modern Employee Attendance Tracking Software for the Hourly Workforce

      Keep everyone in the loop with automated employee attendance tracking software and save time. All you need is text.

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      All the Attendance Tracking & Call In Service Features You Need.

      Attendance Tracking Software with Employee Self-Service

      No more calling the HR department and waiting for a reply. No more chasing down busy managers. Employees get instant access to everything they need over text.

      • No employee app and no company email needed.
      • Give hourly employees immediate access 24/7.
      • Just send a text to access everything, all in one place.

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      Employee Data, Insights & Reporting For Human Resources

      Our attendance insights help you find patterns in absenteeism with real-time accurate data, reducing he said, she said.

      • Filter by absence type, dates, division/location
      • Identify employees with perfect attendance and reward them 
      • See excessive absenteeism clearly
      • Spot attendance trends impacting profit and productivity
      • Export valuable attendance reports

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      Diverse Language Translations

      Support your diverse team with 25 different language options. Available languages:

        • English
        • Spanish
        • Akan
        • Arabic
        • Bengali
        • Burmese
        • Cantonese
        • Chinese (Simplified)
        • Chinese (Traditional)
        • Haitian Creole
        • French
        • Hindi
        • Japanese
        • Khmer
        • Kinyarwanda
        • Lao
        • Marshallese
        • Nepali
        • Polish
        • Russian
        • Somali
        • Swahili
        • Tagalog
        • Ukrainian
        • Vietnamese

      Simple Integrations

      TeamSense integrates with most major HRIS providers.

      • Easily sync team member data
      • Automatically transfer attendance data into the system
      • Eliminate manual data entry