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Save Time Managing Absences and Listening to Call-Off Voicemails

Save your managers up to 2 hours per week¹ tracking employee attendance, employee time-off, and making pay corrections. Our mobile attendance tracking tool helps HR teams manage a large roster of employees.

  • Limit time spent listening to voicemails to track employee attendance
  • Improve shift planning with manager and HR absence notifications
  • Collect all data with simple, standardized, multiple-choice options for employees
  • Eliminate miscommunication by letting employees choose their own language preferences

Based on a manufacturing company using traditional absence call-in with an employee to manager ratio of 120:1

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Employees Call-Off Through Text, Notifications are Sent Instantly to Managers

Yes, you really can ditch your voicemail-based attendance management process.

Managing employee time and attendance tracking through text is easier than it sounds:

  • Employees text TeamSense a keyword like “Absent” to report an absence
  • Notifications are sent instantly to managers and team leads
  • Managers can communicate out for shift replacements and OT
  • Organization data is collected in a web-based dashboard for HR administrators

By creating keyword-triggered workflows, employees only see the process that they need at that moment. There is no confusion about where to click or what to do.

Send Yourself an Attendance Workflow Through Text

Save 120+ Hours A Year With TeamSense

See how TeamSense saved HelloFresh 3-4 hours per day managing attendance through text. Read the case study here and book your demo today!

Collect Data With Close to 100% Accuracy Using Your Customized Attendance Questions

Customized absence surveys let you collect the data you need with close to 100% accuracy.

  • Employees answer in multiple-choice options
  • Admins design attendance surveys to meet the company’s needs/time-off processes
  • Multiple languages are available: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole. Always open to adding more.

Finally, a simple way to collect attendance information without error.

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Keep Track of Attendance Data, Employee Notes, and Employee History in One Place

One database to keep track of all employee attendance information:

  • Attendance records
  • Administrative notes
  • Time-off history

Mobile attendance management is the best of all worlds. Employees will experience calling off through text, managers will get notifications instantly, and admins can review the information as needed on their computers.

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Seamless Integrations

TeamSense integrates with most HRIS and Time & Attendance providers.

Integrations can be set up as a one-way push to TeamSense or a two-way sync.

The most common use cases for integrations include:

  • Ensure employee records are always up-to-date, including new additions, terminations, and manager changes
  • Sync employee contact information (which changes more frequently for hourly employees than the average population)
  • Automatically transfer attendance events and absence reason codes directly into time & attendance system
  • Enable employees to check attendance points or vacation balances
  • Eliminate time wasted in manual data entry and reduce human error in transferring data

We are actively working on adding additional integrations. Need something not shown? Just ask.

Help Your Hourly Employees Thrive

TeamSense empowers your team through engagement, keeps everyone in the loop with attendance, and saves you time (and dollar signs) while boosting productivity along the way.

Nope, you don’t have to have the latest tech to get it done. All you need is text.

TeamSense Text-Based Employee Attendance Tracker FAQs

Simply put, an absence tracker helps monitor team performance and employee attendance. For years, many companies have relied on things like Excel timesheets or an employee attendance tracker template as their go-to employee absence tracker. That sort of attendance system might have worked in the past, but more convenient and automated options are available for gathering attendance data. Our absence tracker is a modern software solutions that helps track employee attendance through text and create custom reports.

Some employee attendance tracker software comes in the form of a complicated mobile attendance app, but you won't find that here. TeamSense is a simple solution that works through text. Employees can use our time and absence tracker to report any absence, request sick leave, or use vacation days. The HR team can access this absence management software to list employee attendance and absences, manage leave requests, and generate time reports. The absence management data gathered by the best employee attendance tracker can be integrated with payroll processing instead of manually uploading a document to submit leave requests. It's a super convenient attendance tracking system!

Once your company starts to use absence management through text, everyone from the frontline employees to the team leaders will notice a boost in productivity. So say goodbye to clunky time sheets and voicemails to track employee absences—you won’t be needing that outdates absence tracker anymore.

TeamSense takes employee time and absence management systems to another level when coordinating employee schedules, working to track employee hours and managing employee data. It supports multiple languages for easy attendance tracking so that non-English speaking employees can report their time off, absences, and medical leave requests through text. These time and attendance tracking text notifications will be sent directly to team leaders or HR managers, keeping everyone on the same page.

Absence management software lets you track employee attendance and track time while keeping everyone in the loop. An online absence management software is key to replacing outdated voicemails with a more reliable way to record attendance and absence tracking.

Absence management software simplifies the end-to-end process of frontline employees taking paid or unpaid time off. An online absence management software enables easy reporting of employee absences and communicates those absences to managers and the HR team.

Other great attendance app software features of an employee absence tracker include: integration with HR functions like payroll software, hiring platforms, time tracking software, and HRIS syncing with employee records for absence requests (making it easier to track working hours and submit timesheets).

Employee self-service attendance tracking systems make it easy for an HR team to monitor employee time off, sick leave, vacation requests, and unexpected absences like a last-minute emergency. The time and attendance tracking information gathered can be used to make valuable information reports and insights that help companies track employee attendance, improve workforce management, and stay on top of PTO balances.

That's what makes TeamSense a top attendance tracking software adaptable to the remote or mobile workforce. No more manual attendance tracking, untrusted mobile apps, or complicated calendar management. Onboard the easiest user friendly absence tracker and get better employee management. You'll always know how many sick days, how many vacation days and personal days remaining remaining across the team. The dashboard summarizes critical information in easy to access reports better than any Excel spreadsheet. Key features include absence trackers for all employees PTO requests and unpaid time, monitoring personal days and absence types, text-based access from mobile phones, and helping you stay compliant.

An employee attendance management system offers three main advantages. One, a time and attendance system quickly informs HR and management if certain employees are unavailable for work. Second, it reduces employee disputes caused by language barriers. And finally, the best attendance tracking software helps with automated features that improves efficiency and overall employee productivity in the workplace as an easy way to track attendance.

The best attendance app makes life a lot easier for employees to track time and attendance status too. Employees can connect to an absence management system via text to request vacation days and sick leave, track attendance, or explain unplanned absences. An attendance app a great absence tracking solution for reducing communication problems between the HR team and company employees, especially when language barriers are present. This improves performance management the quick and easy way.

After an employee sends an absence response, HR personnel can keep track of employee attendance more conveniently and make sure that company employees stick to the attendance policies.

That means if you work in human resources, you can spend less time dealing with absence management, tracking unnecessary absences, filtering leave requests, managing attendance data, and spotting attendance trends. Instead, the HR team can spend more time on other projects. Imagine what your HR team can do with all that free time! Take it from us—it's much easier to generate time and absence reports and manage work hours with an accurate attendance tracker that uses text. TeamSense is a better time tracking tool than any other time tracking app or time clock software.

Yes. The TeamSense absence management software needs online access through a mobile device for tracking attendance and collecting team member responses. For employees, all they need is a mobile phone with a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to report their time-off, absence, personal time, or sick leave. No attendance app download is required for tracking attendance or handling employee absences. TeamSense is optimized to make it easy to report employees attendance online through a connected mobile device. You and your employees will always have accurate attendance records with TeamSense. This includes to other advanced and basic features built into the cloud based software making it your complete workforce management solution for better employee performance and team productivity - not just overtime tracking or employee attendance software. Employees can access the browser version over text on the go.

An attendance management system is an easy way to track employee time and attendance data. It can often integrate with an existing payroll processing too for a complete employee database. Attendance tracking software can help companies monitor employee time, including absences and work hours, and assist payroll staff with making accurate disbursements. The responses collected by time and attendance software are used to keep track of frontline employee attendance and generate time reports used to manage payroll. Some systems are built to track student attendance and track dates based on an entire class schedule imported into a web app and combined with real time data like the frontline education mobile app.

Aside from tracking attendance, other functions of a time and attendance management system include measuring labor costs, contributing to frontline employee satisfaction, improving the payroll process, tracking vacation days, time tracking capabilities, helping automatically calculate and streamline payroll, and helping improve overall workplace productivity. Some systems also feature things like time tracking, attendance records, a meeting attendance template, a training attendance template, and exporting Excel templates.

Monitoring employees, employee information, leave management and work time used to be tedious. Thanks to dedicated software, it's easier than ever to track time, gather attendance data and to simplify payroll management.

TeamSense simplifies the attendance management system for tracking employee absences. Each team member can directly contact your HR team using a text-based attendance management system. And your HR team can track absences for any date range in our secure web portal to boost productivity. It's time to ditch the outdated time consuming attendance sheet, eliminate the risks of a buddy punch and manual entries. And no more time wasted with Excel spreadsheets or random Excel templates downloaded from the internet.

Requesting sick leave and time off has never been easier when employee's attendance is tracked accurately. TeamSense's attendance management system eliminates the many challenges posed by language barriers. Our time and attendance solution also caters to businesses that manage multicultural employees and makes it easy to connect with them through text messages and email notifications. Ditch the complicated attendance app and forget about paying a professional attendance taker service. Have employees report attendance online TeamSense instead to receive web alerts and text notifications.

TeamSense is an excellent solution for tracking attendance with multiple employees and improving business processes. With a simple tool like this, you won’t need Excel timesheets, Google sheets, an attendance tracking workbook, or voicemails for absence management ever again. TeamSense provides a modern absence management software solution that integrates with our ESS portal for unlimited users. This provides real-time access to notify frontline employees of upcoming jobs, open employee shifts, live access to every team's attendance, company surveys, and other HR department resources for better individual employee engagement and business flow. Having accurate employee attendance trackers is critical to everyone's success.

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