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Employee Communication Tool Built Without Apps for Hourly Workers

Employee Communication Tools Improve Morale When Used Right!

If you really want to communicate better and boost morale, you have to understand your employee’s needs (which are not app-based). Hourly employees who don’t work in an office have different obstacles to overcome when it comes to employee communication tools.

  • They don’t have access to a company computer.
  • They rarely have access to email, chat, video calls, or file-sharing.
  • They don’t have access to a traditional employee communication platform like Google Calendar, Google Drive, or Microsoft Teams.
  • They don’t want to keep track of multiple login usernames and passwords.
  • They want to avoid using employee communication apps unless necessary.
  • They don't want to download anything to their personal devices that comes from an employer.
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Out of all the internal communication platforms out there, 70% of employees favor text¹.

It’s time to reach your team where they are. Using text to connect your workforce will improve team communication for hourly employees. No more being hassled by video conferencing, file sharing, and social network apps just to be updated on company news, corporate communications, and other things going on in the office. The simple user interface is perfect for hourly talent management without feeling invasive, like most employee communication apps.

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Help Your Hourly Employees Thrive With App-Free Communication Software

TeamSense empowers your team through engagement, keeps everyone in the loop with attendance, and saves you time (and dollar signs) while boosting productivity along the way.

Nope, you don’t have to have the latest tech to get it done. All you need is text.

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Employee Communication Platform Built for Hourly Workers

How to Communicate with Employees Through Text Instead of Apps

When you send messages through the TeamSense employee communication platform, your managers and team members receive them through text. Say goodbye to those clunky employee communication apps for good.

With our employee communication software, you’re in control of the messages you send. You can customize your content, select who you send it to, and schedule when the message is received. Team communication is a breeze!

Send Yourself A Text & See How It Works

Keeping everyone in the loop has never been easier!

  • Notify your team about a shift location change or lousy weather.
  • Let workers pick up an extra shift when a team member calls out.
  • Deliver company-wide employee surveys through text.
  • Communicate team member benefit changes with a link to the employee self-service portal.
  • Send fun texts on holidays, birthdays, and company anniversaries.
  • Announce when you are recruiting for a new role.
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The App-Free Communication Platform You Need In a Crisis

You need effective team communication you can count on in a crisis. Use TeamSense’s "Mark Yourself Safe" feature for team crisis and safety updates.

Communicating safety updates through text lets, you reach employees wherever they are, and lets employees respond faster—exactly what you need in a crisis.

TeamSense gives you a reliable employee communication tool during emergencies.

  • Team members text “Safe” to their company's TeamSense phone number to mark themselves safe.
  • Admins can manually send safety texts to employees and wait for a response.
  • Managers and admins can export responses directly to track the safety status of their team.

*TeamSense is not a replacement for a full emergency communications system.

Communication That Employees Trust Increases Employee Morale

Most employees are hesitant, even resistant, to the idea of having to download a company app. Objections regarding privacy on personal devices make apps feel like a trap. Electing to use text messaging to communicate with employees removes all doubt and fear. Acknowledging this increases morale and can boost overall satisfaction resulting in the following:

  • A better relationship with their supervisor.
  • Trust in the company's leadership.
  • Pride in being part of the team.

More collaboration and trust lead to positive company culture. When you improve employee communications for the entire company, all your employees, managers, and HR supervisors can engage and perform better.

The best way to connect with your team is through a method that they are most comfortable with—text. TeamSense’s employee communication platform will help you keep in touch with your employees without an app and bring in one of the most effective employee communication and engagement tools. Making it an invaluable HR software.

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Refine the Hourly Employee Experience

You need an employee management system that treats people like people. Skip the stuffy paperwork and use a mobile portal that lets you track attendance, boost productivity, grow connection, and get results—all using text.

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Get Seamless Employee Communication Integrations

TeamSense integrates effortlessly with most Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and time and attendance software.

  • Sync employee contact information.
  • Automatically transfer attendance and absence reason codes into the time and attendance system.
  • Enable employees to check attendance points or vacation/PTO balances.
  • Eliminate time wasted in manual data entry and reduce human error in transferring data.
  • Rely on a solid documentation process for all absence tracking, new additions, and terminations.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing team member records are always up-to-date.

Don’t see your HRIS provider here? Just ask us. We’ll do what we can to work with them.

App-Free Employee Communication FAQs

TeamSense is one of the best internal communications tools for deskless workforces. Its a simple and fully customizable mobile platform that lets you get fast and accurate updates without the need for employee communication apps. It is the right solution for companies that want to establish an effective internal communication strategy. Try the TeamSense team communication tools and collaboration features today.

Most employee communication tools are designed for employees who work in an office all day. Whenever their manager asks them for an update, they are ready for a quick video call from their computer or mobile communication app. But what about those hourly employees who spend most of their time outside or offsite? It’s not convenient for them to carry around a laptop or find a good place to set up a video call. Plus many employee app platforms often invade privacy.

This is where TeamSense comes in—using best practices it's a unified platform for office employees and the mobile workforce to keep track of each other's whereabouts and work progress. Hourly employees can use this internal communications software to send and receive group messages. Since TeamSense relies on text alerts instead of push notifications, your offsite team members don’t have to worry about downloading a business app, documenting collaboration tools, or maintaining a private team network or employee communication app.

Most team communication tools are designed for employees who stay all day in an office. Whenever their manager asks them for an update, they are ready for a quick video call from their computer or mobile communication app. But what about those hourly employees who spend most of their time outside or offsite? It may not be convenient for them to carry around a laptop or find a good place to set up a video call.

This is where TeamSense comes in—it's a unified platform for office employees and the mobile workforce to keep track of each other's whereabouts and work progress. Hourly employees can use this internal communications software can be used by to send and receive group messages. Since TeamSense relies on text alerts instead of push notifications, your offsite team members do not have to worry about downloading apps, document collaboration tools, maintaining a private team network, or another business communication app.

Using a texting system based on instant messaging makes employee internal communication easier for two main reasons. Firstly, texting is a technology that most people are comfortable with. Secondly, since no team communication app is involved, it reduces the hassle of training your workers on additional software.

TeamSense internal comms was designed with these two reasons in mind, making it one of the best internal communication tools due to its simplicity. It has all the internal communication features of a mobile intranet app, without the app!

Large companies often have no reliable way to reach their non-office workers due to a lack of contact information and employee retention. They sometimes aren't sure who exactly is on-site. Hourly employees like frontline workers and those on temporary contracts are the most difficult to reach in the event of a crisis. They might be in areas that have weak or no Wi-Fi signal. That means online tools for video communications are out of the question. With TeamSense, they don't even need to text a lengthy status report. Just a simple text message saying "Safe" should suffice.

Admin teams will not always get to use this collaboration tool. However, its existence gives company managers peace of mind—that there is a reliable way for their employees to send and receive instant messages if needed. It's just one of the many reasons that make TeamSense one of the best team communication tools.

No. All TeamSense tools do not require any employee communications apps. Your hourly workers can just use instant messaging to send and receive texts. They do not have to worry about passwords, software updates, and emails. Text updates are simpler and faster than online collaboration tools like video conferencing and screen sharing. The ease of use leads to more employee engagement and better internal communications. With TeamSense employee communication software, you get all the benefits and key features of effective internal communication tools without the need to download a mobile app.

There are many useful ways to use the TeamSense business communication features. This includes company news and announcements, job opportunities, employee satisfaction surveys, safety alerts, employee benefits, training videos. Your team can even use it to send birthday messages, employee recognition awards, and holiday greetings. Just about anything is possible with the right solution for internal communications. That's what makes TeamSense one of the best communication tools.

Yes. The TeamSense internal communication tool uses a text-based instant messaging system. Your employees must be connected to Wi-Fi or a data plan to their mobile devices can send and receive SMS text messages. They are connected to company internal communication tools through their mobile phone but do not need to download a team communication app.

A mobile internal communications tool can work in any industry. However, it works best for hourly employees that do not have time to sit at a desk and access Microsoft Teams, voice video calls, or the company email. Some examples of these industries include manufacturing, construction, hospitality, retail, custodial services, and more that require a better team communication tool. A more specific example is a company that employs frontline workers who have no instant access to communication apps, team messaging app, voice and video calls, or collaboration tools on the field.

The industries above have one thing in common. Most of the workforce is always on the move, and they have no access to the most effective internal communications tools aside from their phones. They rely on texting instead of screen sharing and audio and video calls for group conversations. TeamSense employee communication software helps companies maintain employee communication and project management without the need for a mobile intranet app or video chats.

TeamSense helps your remote teams and teams on the facility floor develop an effective internal communications strategy. Using this internal communication tool will actively encourage employees to collaborate more using only their mobile devices. In addition to improved employee communications, your organization will also see improved internal processes, easier workforce buy-in, and better employee engagement. Your non-desk employees will get all of these benefits without downloading any mobile communication apps, team communication apps, or other instant messaging tools.

The TeamSense internal communication tool can be tailored in different ways to fit the needs of your offsite workers or mobile employees. The changes can even vary if your organization has multiple locations. Instead of using traditional employee business apps, TeamSense uses secure web links to deliver customized content to your entire team.

You can use our mobile ESS portal software as a company intranet to link to an internal knowledge base or a project management tool. It can also be connected to your employee directory or a mobile-friendly suggestion box. Those are just a few examples of relevant content that your non-desk employees can access without using a communication app. Don't forget that TeamSense lets you try out all of its available internal communication features for when you sign up for a demo.

TeamSense internal communications tools does not need video conferencing, push notifications, screen sharing, and other features present in employee communication apps. It's a team communication software that simplifies the process of contacting employees who are working outside the office so no audio and video calls are necessary. This is the complete internal communication tool that your organization is looking for. No other team chat app, group chat app or mobile apps needed.

Want to connect with your team?

TeamSense is the employee communication solution you've been looking for.

Improve internal communications by using text to connect your employees. Check out the product overview, then book a demo to see TeamSense in action.

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