Choosing Absence Management Software that Works for Manufacturing Organizations

Manufacturing organizations have large, hourly teams, which create unique challenges for attendance management solutions.

Choosing Absence Management Software that Works for Manufacturing Organizations

When you’re managing a manufacturing team, you need all hands on deck to help you meet demand and maintain production schedules.

Unexpected employee absences can get in the way, causing work stoppages and other delays. And if you don’t have an effective absence management solution, you may find out about absences too late, leaving you little time to implement a backup staffing plan.

With the right absence management tool, you’ll have immediate notification of employee absences and the details you need to plan ahead.

The absence problem in manufacturing (and beyond)

Managing absences among an hourly manufacturing workforce has many complexities.

On any given day, employees can be:

  • Late for a shift

  • Out sick

  • On vacation

  • On workers’ compensation leave

Unexpected employee absences can shut down a whole assembly line or production schedule, resulting in lost time and money.

The impact of rising absenteeism on manufacturing production is staggering: The normal manufacturing absenteeism rate is 3%. There is a $6.2 billion decline in annual productivity across the industry for every percentage point over that.

To avoid the high costs of absenteeism in your organization, it’s essential to have the right tools for your team so you can manage and reduce absences now and in the future.

What to look for in absence management software

An absence management tool has a lot of benefits for your team.

The software you choose for your team should make it simple for your employees to report absences and their absence reasons while at the same time providing instant updates to managers and/or HR about the unexpected absence.

Among the available absence management solutions for manufacturing, the best solution is the one that truly helps you manage and even reduce employee absenteeism.

The right absence management software:

  • Is easily accessible by all employees

  • Offers multiple languages for your team

  • Relays information quickly and in real-time

  • Tracks attendance information automatically with time-stamps

  • Provides tools for viewing historical trends

  • Allows managers to reach team members who can act as fill-ins

  • Is accessible through mobile without downloading an app

The solution you choose should be specific to your manufacturing team’s needs

Absence management doesn’t require overly complicated software. You can improve your ability to plan around unexpected absences and keep production moving by offering your team access to a tool that works for everyone.

Your employees’ diverse needs and preferences are important when choosing the right absence management tool. Consider bringing your manufacturing team in on the decision and ask them what they would prefer and what would make things easier for them.

Your team will be able to provide you with valuable insight that your management team might inadvertently overlook.

For example, some employees may not have access to the internet or may not have a smartphone with the ability to download an absence management app. Others may communicate best in a language other than English, so finding a tool that offers multiple languages might be important.

Voicemails end up being a problem with workforces with diverse languages. There is a lot of room for error in the interpretation and translation of a verbal recording.

Whatever solution you choose, make sure it works for everyone and is easily accessible and user-friendly for your entire team.

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