Boosting Efficiency: A 3PL Company Slashes Absenteeism by 39% with TeamSense
Jul 11, 2023

Boosting Efficiency: A 3PL Company Slashes Absenteeism by 39% with TeamSense

TeamSense changed the way this 3PL handled absenteeism, resulting in significant improvement in absenteeism rates.

With TeamSense, unplanned absences
dropped from 64.1 to 39.4 hours per month —
a 39% reduction for this 3PL.

When a third-party logistics (3PL) company approached TeamSense for assistance in reducing their absenteeism rates and overstaffing spend, AND requested that the solution be implemented within 24 hours, we said, "We got you!"

The supply chain company specializing in distribution, fulfillment, transportation, and material handling, was grappling with a big issue: keeping their workforce consistent.

With a network sprawling across 90 distribution centers and a team of 5,000 employees throughout North America, they're one of the major 3PL forces in the United States. They were in a race against time to find an effective solution to their skyrocketing absenteeism problem!

Overcoming Obstacles with TeamSense

Like many logistics operations, they were experiencing constant headaches due to the manual absence management process, skyrocketing operational costs, and more - all centered around who showed up for the day and who did not. But with TeamSense in the picture, those concerns are becoming a thing of the past.

Now they're on the fast track to reducing absenteeism rates, saving money, and increasing transparency and accountability among employees. 

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TeamSense’s Impact

After implementing TeamSense, the 3PL company experienced a substantial 39% reduction in absenteeism. Monthly unplanned absences dropped from 64.1 hours to just 39.4 hours, eliminating the need for daily overstaffing and saving thousands of dollars in shift payouts each month.

The process change also led to increased transparency and accountability among employees. With automated call-off logging and real-time supervisor alerts, enforcement of attendance policies became more effective, leading to a decline in employee terminations due to excessive absences.

What's next for them? Encouraged by this success, the company is now looking to integrate TeamSense with their time and attendance system and roll it out on a larger scale across their warehouses.

To get a detailed insight into this remarkable transformation, download our case study and discover how TeamSense can help your organization too!

Download The Full Case Study Here

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