Watch the recording of the TeamSense Customer Spotlight webinar featuring Clayens International, a global leader in plastics manufacturing. In this insightful webinar, Rob Balena, Head of Sales at TeamSense, had an engaging conversation with Cassandra Cammons, the Chief Human Resources Officer for U.S. Operations at Clayens. Together, they delved into the various ways in which TeamSense has revolutionized attendance tracking and labor planning at Clayens, providing valuable insights and strategies.

During the webinar, Cassandra, as the CHRO, shared her expertise on analyzing attendance trends to optimize labor planning and drive strategic programs. Additionally, the webinar explored the seamless onboarding process of TeamSense across multiple sites simultaneously, ensuring a smooth implementation and efficient workflow. Furthermore, the discussion touched upon effective communication strategies during mergers and acquisitions, highlighting the importance of fostering clear and transparent communication channels.

The recording is packed with key takeaways, including valuable insights on attendance analysis, streamlined onboarding processes, and effective communication strategies. This webinar is a must-watch for professionals in the manufacturing industry, providing practical knowledge and real-life examples from Clayens International's successful collaboration with TeamSense.

During the webinar, we will cover the following key points:

Analyze attendance Trends for Labor Planning: Learn how TeamSense empowers CHROs to track attendance trends across many manufacturing plants and gain actionable intelligence to optimize labor planning.

Streamlined Onboarding: Discover tips and tricks for efficiently onboarding TeamSense at multiple sites simultaneously, achieving a seamless implementation process to speed your ROI.

Effective Communication and Integration: Hear from Cassandra Cammons about her experience with TeamSense during the Parkway acquisition by Clayens. Learn how our platform facilitated communication and integration during this important transition.

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Webinar Length: 60 mins

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Rob Balena
Rob Balena
Head of Sales, TeamSense
Cassandra Cammons
Cassandra Cammons
Chief HR Officer, Clayens

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