Discover how TeamSense transforms attendance management, reduces absenteeism, and makes operations more reliable. Here are some key points you'll learn during the webinar:

  • Effortlessly Manage Employee Absences: HR Administrators & Team Leaders can rapidly understand an employee’s history and points balance, identify patterns, and directly add or edit absences for employees - all from a single view.
  • Provide Transparency to Employees with Attendance History: With our new Attendance History feature employees can view detailed records of their attendance for the past 12 months, driving transparency and accountability that reduces absenteeism.
  • Eliminate Disputes and Inconsistencies: Our new absence audit log documents a trail of all updates to an employee’s absence, ensuring fair treatment and accurate records for all.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how the latest TeamSense features drive reductions in absenteeism and help keep your production lines running according to plan.

Webinar Length: 60 mins

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Alison Teegarden
Alison Teegarden
Co-founder and COO, TeamSense

Fix the root cause of No-Call No-Show with TeamSense Book a Demo

Fix the root cause of No-Call No-Show with TeamSense

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