Hourly Employee Experience
No app requirement
No login credentials
All features delivered over text
Employee Lifecycle Management
Text recruiting
Employee onboarding
Employee offboarding
Workforce Management
Attendance management
Shift fulfillment
Employee portal
Employee communication
Forms & surveys
Mark yourself safe
Automatic reminders
Language translations
Roles & permissions
Site & team groups
ATS Integrations
HRIS Integrations
Payroll Integrations
Concierge Services for All Plans
Dedicated implementation training
Dedicated account manager

Trusted (And Actually Used) By Over 30,000 Employees

Why TeamSense as an Alternative to Connecteam?

99% of text messages are opened. 90% within 3 minutes.
Get a site of 3k employees running in 24 hours after import.
Save supervisors up to 2 hours per day. Build trust with your entire workforce.

Shortcut the Learning Curve. Get Nearly Instant Adoption.

Learning a new app is frustrating from many hourly employees. Countless hours are wasted trying to figure out how to perform the most basic tasks. And once everyone finally gets the hang of things, you're already behind. TeamSense shortcuts this process by leveraging technology your employees already love - texting.

  • Quick, easy adoption by your hourly workforce.
  • No need to sell employees on a new app.
  • Save time and frustration with easy-to-use tools.
Let's Do This

Engage. Communicate. Get More Done.

It's more important than ever to engage and communicate effectively with your team. TeamSense make it easy through a suite of tools that connect your hourly employees with the company. Attendance, communication, engagement surveys, forms, employee portal, and more. All delivered seamlessly through text.

  • Connect with your employees. No email or login required.
  • Increase employee satisfaction to drive productivity.
  • Integrate with your existing systems to automate syncing.
Engage Your Team

Include Everyone With Automatic Translations.

At its core, business is about relationships. Whether you're dealing with leadership, managers, or hourly employees, trust is essential. That's why it's so important to build a company culture of inclusion and respect. When everyone feels valued and respected, they're more likely to trust you, the company, and leadership. In turn, this leads to more productivity and better collaboration.

  • Get what the company needs while respecting personal privacy.
  • Remove barriers and engage your team.
  • Automatic translations in 19 languages.
Get Started

Integrations. Security. Privacy. Scalability.

Security, privacy, and scalability are important considerations for any organization. Your data should be secure and accessible only to those who need it, when they need it. We also offer a variety of features to help you scale your usage, data storage, and management needs as your needs grow.

  • Roles and permissions to customize access.
  • Ridiculously good uptime.
  • Built on scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.
See It In Action

TeamSense is the #1 Connecteam Competitor

No matter if your team is 1,000 or 100,000 strong - TeamSense can help you keep in touch with every employee!

TeamSense vs Connecteam FAQs

Yes. TeamSense is one of the preferred Connecteam alternatives for many large high, performing teams. Key features of TeamSense include absence management and leave management, employee engagement, forms, surveys, ESS portal, payroll integration, applicant tracking integration, and integrations with HR software all provided by one software.

TeamSense is viewed by 1000s of employees as the best Connecteam alternative. This is because everything is delivered over text without a complicated company app being required. Track time, improve employee engagement, build company culture, and manage employee information and employee availability for the whole team within your growing businesses. The onboarding process is fast and built to enable organizations to get consistent results.

Most Connecteam competitors offer similar features within a mobile app. TeamSense is different in that no app is required. The entire employee experience is accessible over secure text messages. Forget the wasted time trying to sell your employees on an app they aren't going to use. Your employees can self-onboard in just a few clicks over text message with TeamSense .

Cloud-based workforce management software and scheduling software tools may include features like time and attendance, time tracking, employee scheduling, shift swaps, time management for employee time, and sometimes a time clock app. The software should provide ease of use to keep track of everything in one place in real time. They should accurately track time attendance, work to eliminate the ability to buddy punch, help track labor costs, make scheduling time easier, and offer great customer support for enterprise and small businesses. Some other features include self service, performance management, employee management, task management and project management integrations, and web based dashboards to helps users in real time. They may be designed for hourly or remote employees or both. HR teams should have access to the sales team and customer support team and access to the entire company through a unified platform. Other management software additional features and top features may include inventory management, job scheduling, employee recognition, workforce scheduling, management platform to organize tasks and assign tasks, time spent on tasks, request time off, pre employment tests, leave requests, Google calendar integration, offboard exiting employees, in depth work schedules, integration to simplify payroll, unlimited users, support for field services and remote work, MS teams integration, improve communication with new employees and new hires, time tracking software, and the ability share files.

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