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TeamSense Launches Purpose-Built Platform for Companies with Hourly Workers to Work Safely and Efficiently During COVID-19 Pandemic

Fortive Corporation ("Fortive") (NYSE: FTV) and Pioneer Square Labs (“PSL”)
announced today the creation of TeamSense, the first company formed from their
joint innovation studio to create new companies from scratch in the industrial
technology space. TeamSense is launching a secure, turnkey solution that helps
employers with hourly workers keep their teams safe and connected during the
COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The mobile-based application provides a simple mobile solution to allow
employees to self-report symptoms and then take appropriate actions according
to their respective company’s policies. The solution provides company
administrators and front-line supervisors with easy-to-use dashboards and
daily rosters to track and report the health status of their workforce at a
glance. A simple permissions-based framework is designed to protect employee
privacy while keeping managers, HR teams and Environment, Health and Safety
(EHS) teams informed and prepared to make data-driven decisions regarding the
health and safety of their workforce.

Several customers have adopted the TeamSense solution, including Heroux Devtek, Cord Contracting Co., T&B Tube Company, among others.

“We looked at many apps, but TeamSense was the most streamlined and ready to
implement immediately,” said Sal LaMantia, Safety Director of Cord Contracting
Co. “In a very stressful time, TeamSense made one aspect of reopening very

“COVID-19 surfaced a new set of regulations and requirements that are
confusing and fast-changing,” said Sheila Stafford, CEO of TeamSense and
former Fluke Corporation executive. “Managing a large number of hourly workers
is already hard. We built TeamSense specifically to reduce the complexities of
managing through COVID-19 and to allow managers to get back to doing what they
do best: leading teams and enabling them to work safely, effectively, and

Beyond the challenge of COVID-19, TeamSense aims to solve long-standing
challenges in workforce planning, company compliance, and communication. The
TeamSense platform will enable supervisors to manage hourly workers more
efficiently and communicate with their teams directly and through group chat,
automating many manual processes.

“Before TeamSense, we were spending significant time at the start of each
shift collecting and reviewing COVID-19 pre-start paper forms,” said Barry
Price, General Manager at Heroux-Devtek. “TeamSense's solution automated the
entire pre-start check-in process, allowing us to accurately and quickly
pre-screen all of our team members with confidence. The feedback from our
employees and managers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Employees and managers will be able to access TeamSense through a smartphone, mobile web device, and SMS/text.

“Our solution must be accessible to all employees even if they don’t own a
smartphone or have a corporate email address,” Stafford said.

The company is backed by Fortive and is a recent spinout of a joint studio
initiative between Fortive and PSL, a leading startup studio.

“Dealing with COVID-19 has exposed and intensified long-standing complexities
of managing hourly workers,” said James A. Lico, President and CEO of Fortive.
“At Fortive, we’re committed to accelerating progress, so we are proud to be
backing a company that is helping essential workers do their jobs in the
safest, most productive way possible.”

About TeamSense

TeamSense provides solutions to keep organizations safe and connected through
intuitive and accessible software. While TeamSense works with organizations of
any size and type, the company designs products primarily to serve
organizations with large hourly workforces. With the outbreak of COVID-19,
TeamSense is currently focused on delivering software that enables employees
to confidentially report possible symptoms or exposures, which helps managers,
HR teams, and EHS professionals take action as quickly and efficiently as
possible. For more information, please visit

About Fortive

Fortive is a diversified industrial technology growth company comprised of
Professional Instrumentation and Industrial Technologies businesses that are
recognized leaders in attractive markets. Fortive’s well-known brands hold
leading positions in field solutions, product realization, sensing
technologies, transportation technologies, and franchise distribution. Fortive
is headquartered in Everett, Washington and employs a team of more than 25,000
research and development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, service and
administrative employees in more than 50 countries around the world. With a
culture rooted in continuous improvement, the core of our company’s operating
model is the Fortive Business System. For more information please visit

About Pioneer Square Labs

Pioneer Square Labs is a Seattle-based startup studio and venture firm that
finances, creates, and launches technology startups. For more information,
please visit

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