How the Pandemic Has Driven Innovation in Manufacturing

March 31, 2021

‘Adapt or close’ became the mantra for many businesses over the last year and a half; COVID-19 forced the manufacturing industry to adapt quickly to overcome some of the organizational obstacles presented with ever-changing health and safety guidelines.

Pre-Pandemic Manufacturing Norms

Before the pandemic, most manufacturers relied on traditional communication strategies with their frontline teams. 

Businesses relayed information to hourly team members through:

  • Daily standup meetings 
  • Bulletin board (or bathroom door) announcements 
  • Printed paper handouts for multiple languages 

Managers could disperse information as quickly as they could get in direct physical contact with their teams. And there was a level of mistrust surrounding the subject of digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies

The Pandemic Brought Many Challenges to Light

Almost overnight, the pandemic hit the manufacturing industry hard. 

Suddenly, manufacturers were universally struggling with massive challenges:

In such trying times, businesses struggled to balance both the pandemic’s safety demands and increased production demands.

Innovation for the Future of Manufacturing

 “67% of manufacturing decision-makers say their adoption of digital technology has accelerated as a result of the pandemic”, according to a recent survey in The Manufacturer.

Businesses now realize there is a direct link between utilizing technology and increasing operational efficiency for things like:

  • Seamlessly managing attendance
  • Delivering digital training
  • Communicating easily with all employees
  • Improving morale and workplace culture

The best part? It doesn’t have to be at the loss of a personal connection between team members.  

The organizations that put digital transformation to work for them are already finding the benefits are improving efficiency and communications, saving money, and providing more control over operations.

Manufacturers will never unlearn the lessons the pandemic taught, including being prepared for future challenges.

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