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Jan 24, 2024

The Shifting Landscape for Jobs in Manufacturing and Logistics

Discover the latest trends in absenteeism, labor conditions, and demographics that are transforming these industries.

Watch this webinar replay to learn about the latest trends the manufacturing job market and how labor conditions and demographics are shift in 2024. Insights from TeamSense executives Sheila Stafford, Co-Founder and CEO, and Justin Sears, CMO will help you stay ahead of the curve in hiring and staffing for the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Topics include:

  • Emerging Trends in Absenteeism for 2024: Attendance trends are evolving as technology advances and labor conditions change. Learn about those trends and what they mean for hiring and retention in 2024.
  • Impact of the renaissance in US manufacturing: Explore how the resurgence in US manufacturing investment is reshaping the landscape for workers, supervisors, GMs, and HR teams.
  • Regional patterns of demand for skilled labor: Discover which regions of the country are expected to experience the greatest changes in demand for skilled labor in manufacturing and logistics. Get ahead of the curve and learn strategies to attract and retain talent.