Don't miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from Adam St Clair, TeamSense Enterprise Account Executive for multiple auto parts manufacturers, as he shares his experiences and insights on supporting customers during that trying time. Learn about specific ways that companies used TeamSense to communicate with their hourly employees and minimize the impact to their operations during and after the strike.

  • Many manufacturing companies that supply parts for the Big 3 US automakers were indirectly affected by the United Autoworkers strike. As the strike grew, those parts makers had to reduce or stop production. This webinar will explore how they navigated through these challenges and how TeamSense helped them do that.
  • Maintaining a connection with hourly workers who faced furlough was crucial during the strike. Companies impacted by the strike utilized TeamSense to communicate effectively so that valuable employees were less likely to seek alternative employment.
  • Discover real-life use cases and learn how TeamSense helped companies overcome the uncertainty and disruption brought by the UAW strike. Adam will share specific strategies and best practices employed by these companies to minimize disruption and maintain productivity.

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Webinar Length: 60 mins

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Adam St. Clair
Adam St. Clair
Account Executive

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