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Your employees don’t want to download another app—no matter how you try to spin the benefits. Apps, logins, and corporate email don't support the needs of the hourly workforce. Instead, give your team the best workforce management software that keeps it simple.

  • Get your team onboarded to the WFM software portal fast—all you need is employee names and id information
  • Reach your team using a text-based mobile workforce management solution to keep track of their status for the day
  • Prioritize communication with employees, managers, and HR staff members

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Mobile Workforce Management Software Delivered Over Text

It’s time to break down the tech barriers that fancy apps and complicated logins create. Text messages unify your entire workforce with a simple communication solution. TeamSense’s cutting-edge text-based technology is elevating workforce management software. Thanks to our non-app-based mobile workforce management software, companies who want a hassle-free experience for their employees can make it happen.

  • Limit time spent listening to voicemails
  • Improve shift planning with manager and HR notifications
  • Collect workforce management data with simple, multiple-choice options
  • Eliminate miscommunication with language preferences

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Employee Self-Service

Everyone on the team gets easy access to the self-service features they need. Employee mobile workforce management software is easily accessible—whenever it’s needed. No more leaving voicemails or tracking down HR. TeamSense workforce software works on demand.

  • Round-the-clock access through text
  • Fast self-service to request time off
  • Quick ability to view the employee handbook, policies, and forms
  • No company email or workforce management app needed

Leave Insights & Reporting

Take a peek behind the curtain at how time off looks at your company. Our workforce management solution empowers you with all the data and insights you could want. See time off patterns and absent employee trends based on date, location, manager, or leave type.

  • Praise team members with no absences
  • See employees who’ve been gone the most days
  • Sort data by type, date, manager, location, or division
  • Spot trends that impact your bottom line and output
  • Access detailed reports

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Diverse Language Translations

Your diverse team needs diverse communication choices. And it’s time your language options support that. TeamSense wants every team member to have a voice—that’s why we offer a variety of 19 languages to support communication.

Available languages:

  • Akan
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional) - Taiwan
  • Cantonese Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Haitian Creole
  • Hindi
  • Khmer
  • Marshallese
  • Nepali
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

Simple Integrations

The last thing you want to worry about is keeping up with your hourly workforce roster changes. You shouldn’t have to juggle everything manually. That's where TeamSense comes in. We integrate with most major HRIS providers to provide support where you need it.

  • Sync workforce software data seamlessly
  • Check absences, points, and time off balances
  • No more manual data entry and errors
  • Reliable documentation
  • Encrypted data

Need an HRIS provider that’s not on the list? Just let us know.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

TeamSense is intentionally designed for your hourly workforce. Everything delivered over text. No apps, emails, or logins required.

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TeamSense Mobile Workforce Management Solutions FAQs

Workforce management software (WFM software) is an essential part of the employee experience. This mobile workforce management software solution helps companies automate all functions of the employee experience, including time off requests, employee communication, payroll, job postings, onboarding, and portal access to important documents. Streamline employee self-service tasks with an all-in-one mobile workforce management solution that is cloud-based.

Workforce management systems work to streamline and automate the process of employee attendance, operations, and productivity. This is done using tools that make the process easier for managers, employees, mobile workers, and HR professionals. Desktop and mobile workforce solutions can help you manage everything from day-to-day task management to tracking employee PTO and shift schedules. The right workforce management software can assist you with talent management, employee scheduling, performance management, time and attendance tracking, payroll management, benefits management, labor scheduling, inventory management, benefits administration, compensation management, physical assets tracking, professional services, employee engagement, time tracking, shift scheduling, performance management, document management, plan labor costs, field service management, workforce planning, fleet management, payroll processing, and labor management forecasting. Automating these core HR functions can help eliminate human error.

TeamSense uses text-based mobile workforce management software to provide a simplistic way to automate the tools needed to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently.

We’re all for working smarter, not harder. There just isn’t enough time in the day to spend on remedial tasks that can easily be automated and help free up time in your day.

Relying on mobile workforce management tools to help streamline your process and productivity is a smart business move for your company and your workforce. From organization to effective follow-through on tasks, workforce management tools will help significantly improve your productivity, workflow, and overall performance output.

The best workforce software can automate and streamline the operational tasks needed to keep your organization running smoothly. Cloud-based workforce solution tools can be used to create an automated flow for processes like onboarding, timekeeping, and employee self-service needs.

In addition to this, the right mobile workforce management software can also benefit budgeting and accounting, forecasting, and payroll. Automating payroll through mobile workforce management software can ensure that employees and mobile workers are paid accurately and on time. WFM software can improve standardized procedures, monitor progress, and implement automation.

A mobile workforce management system may offer mobile apps to make the cloud based platform accessible on mobile devices.  This approach often comes with low adoption from hourly and field employees.  HR departments have reported that a better workforce management approach is to deliver all features over text to empower mobile workers and the modern workforce.  This streamlines HR processes and makes the cloud based solution accessible for field service businesses, mobile employees, office workers, and your hourly workforce.

Workforce software makes managing a regional or even global workforce easy.  Workforce software helps deliver a breakthrough employee experience to increase employee engagement, handle labor regulations, reduce compliance risks, and get your company future ready.

Workforce automation is built for different needs and company types. Some of the most common cloud-based workforce management system types are Enterprise Workforce Management, Small Business Workforce Management, and Industry-specific workforce management. These types of workforce management tools are supported by software platforms and apps. The best workforce software for your company will be one that suits your needs while providing capabilities for future growth.

WFM software works across industries from power and gas companies to manufacturing and retail to restaurants and beyond.

Workforce management systems don’t need to be overpriced. TeamSense’s mobile workforce management software solutions are affordable and starts at just $3.00 monthly for each associate (Starter Plan). This level includes text call-off, daily dashboard access, and unlimited messages in the mobile workforce management WFM software.

Our upgraded plans come with even more workforce software key features like absence insights, customized forms, and additional languages. The most popular plan (Pro Plan) is $5.00 monthly per team member, and the highest level (Advanced Plan) is $8.00 monthly per team member. You can view the complete pricing list here.

Our cloud-based workforce management solution couldn't be simpler when it comes to absences. Employers choose keywords for employees to text, which triggers a series of questions. Then employees only see the questions they need to answer for their situation.

When the team member hits submit, the employee workforce management software immediately alerts the manager. Say goodbye to listening to limitless voicemails every morning.  TeamSense streamlines everything for mobile workers, supervisors, and human capital management.

No more letting absent team members fall through the cracks. Managers and team leads are instantly notified and can communicate for shift fulfillment and overtime requests. Employees and mobile workers can also call an automated IVR on a dedicated phone number if you prefer they use this feature over the phone.

TeamSense’s mobile workforce management software is designed intentionally for frontline teams. Our mobile workforce management solution includes key features like absence management, time and attendance, employee communication, employee portals, employee engagement, safety check-ins, and text-to-apply. Each of these features will empower your hourly workforce to work more efficiently and keep operations running smoothly.

In addition, our 19 language options support your team to communicate in their natural language to avoid communication barriers within your workforce management system.

At TeamSense, we know and understand the hourly workforce. And because of that, our cloud-based workforce management system is different. We know that hourly associates in a plant or manufacturing floor have different needs than someone sitting at a desk in a cubicle. Hourly employees don’t have access to checking company email throughout the day. They don’t want to download WFM software apps—they might not even have the tech required to support the best workforce software. We built our mobile workforce management solution with that in mind.

TeamSense workforce management tools are different because we rely on the one thing everyone has in common—texting. Text supports the needs of the hourly workforce. TeamSense is the best mobile workforce management software built for teams on the floor or in the field.

Get help to automate time management, manage leave and non-working days, sick days, upcoming absences for other employees and mobile workers, overall employee availability, and more—all in one cloud-based platform.  Workforce software makes managing full-time and part-time employees easier, helps control labor costs, increase productivity, provides workforce analytics, and easier to increase employee engagement in a complete enterprise grade workforce suite.