1. System Availability

TeamSense will take appropriate measures in terms of redundancy, monitoring, and platform management so as to guarantee optimal service availability outside of planned maintenance windows.

The Service is deemed unavailable when authentication to the service is not possible or one key feature is not working. Key features are defined as follows: Login Page, Employee Survey, Attendance Dashboard, SMS and/or Email Notifications.

Annual Service Availability

24 hours per day

365 days per year

99.9% System Availability

2. Customer Support

TeamSense provides customer support for all paid Customers to answer questions and address issues. You can find answers to or report questions and issues using any of the following methods:

  • Use our Help Center to access a feature knowledge base, FAQs, and useful tutorials and best practices on using TeamSense
  • Chat with our support team in our Help Center
  • Email our customers support team at support@teamsense.com

Customer Support Response (12x5)

Business Hours: 5am-5pm Pacific Time during Business Days

Business Days: Monday to Friday excluding TeamSense holidays

Response Target: 1 business hour 

Incident Response

TeamSense makes its best efforts to provide an incident-free service at all times. We have 24x7 on-call operations and engineering staff to ensure incidents are resolved promptly.

Response Time of Incidents

Incident Priority Response Time
P01 hour (including non-business hours)
P13 business-hour response
P31 business-day
P43 business-day

P0: TeamSense application is not available. SMS or Email notification is not available.

P1: Major functionality failure or significant performance degradation; there is no reasonable workaround.

P2: Data discrepancy. Significant system performance degradation or short-term workaround available for issue.

P3: Minor issue: Routine technical issue. Request on capabilities, navigation, or configuration. A failure that affects a small number of users with a reasonable workaround. Time-sensitive requests such as feature activation or data export.

3. Upgrades

TeamSense upgrades its platform continuously to both deliver new features and quickly resolve any issues.

Occasionally, an infrastructure update or change may require a Maintenance Window. All planned Maintenance Windows are scheduled for weekends or outside of core business hours. They are always announced at least 72 hours in advance, and progress can be monitored on the maintenance page https://teamsense.statuspage.io/.

TeamSense may also open a Maintenance Window on short notice in the event of an emergency.

4. Customer Monitoring

Customers have online access to a real-time service availability outlining the current status of the service. In the event of an outage, regular information and updates are posted on our maintenance page https://teamsense.statuspage.io/.

5. Service Penalties

Should TeamSense fail to achieve its Service Availability across a 30-day period as described in this document and upon Customer’s written request, it shall pay to the Customer a penalty of 10% of the prorated Subscription Fees paid for the equivalent 30-day period per each 1% below the committed Service Availability.