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TeamSense FAQs

  • Attendance - 0:51
  • Communicate - 6:46
  • Employee Portal - 8:31
  • Forms & Surveys - 9:49

You can view our plans and pricing here.

Schedule a call with one of our experts using the booking calendar on this page.  You'll get any remaining questions answered and establish a clear path for onboarding your team with TeamSense.

We import your employee data into the TeamSense system.  Your employees can then onboard themselves over text message from there.

Once your employee data is imported to TeamSense, we can get a site of 3000+ employees up and running within 24 hours.  We've seen TeamSense save Managers and Supervisors up to 3 hours per day and save HR up to 3 hours per week.

We can integrate with just about any HRIS platform.  This include UKG, Workday, ADP, Ceridian and many others.