"We're always prioritizing the employee experience and looking for innovative ways to engage with our team,"

"Why wouldn't we start that with our very first interaction with a potential team member?"

- Amanda Pakota, HR Manager, Hunter Douglas


Expand Your Applicant Reach with Text-to-Apply

Fuel Employee Recruitment with Text-Based Recruiting

70% of employees favor text messages for internal communications.² And the response rate to text messages is 8 times higher than email.³

To win in this labor market you need to be where your future employees are. Text-based recruiting enables you to efficiently communicate using their preferred technology.

Benefits of adding text-based recruiting to your HR plan:

  • Increase the number of applicants for your open roles
  • Hire in hard to reach zip codes
  • Expand your reach by connecting in multiple languages
  • Improve the employee experience

How Does Text Recruiting Software Work?

We don't want to change your entire hiring process, we just want to make it easier for job seekers to find your open roles.

  1. Select a custom keyword(s) that matches your brand.
  2. Write a fun, on-brand, response to accompany the link to your job openings through text messaging.

That's it! Start getting new applicants without any change management or added infrastructure.

Fuel your applicant pool by displaying your text recruiting keyword(s) prominently on:

  • Social Media
  • Radio Ads
  • Billboards
  • Storefronts
  • College Fairs
  • Industry Hiring Events
It's also an easy way to get your WOM referrals going too - we know those work best!

Give it a try: Text "TSJobs" to 592-30

You never know - You may find a great opportunity while you are there!

TeamSense Text Recruiting Platform and Your Applicant Tracking System

With Text-to-Apply, you are opening up text messaging as a channel for recruitment without making any changes to your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Leverage the beauty of text to apply software while working within your existing systems.

Each keyword takes applicants where they need to go, reducing the barriers to apply by completing the job search task for them.

You choose what your text recruiting keywords are based on your hiring goals. You can be location-specific if you need to.

  • "TS Jobs"
  • "TS Jobs IL"
  • "TS Jobs WA"

Your future employees and hiring managers will thank you. And you'll fill your open positions faster with text recruiting. Win-Win!

TeamSense Text-to-Apply FAQs

Text-to-Apply is a text-based recruitment tool that connects job seekers to your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) through text messaging. From there you can look for the best qualified candidates from job ads and get them into your hiring process for interview scheduling.

Companies choose a custom keyword and make sure to display their keyword where job seekers will see it to get more applications(EX: TSJobs).

Job seekers then text the keyword to 592-30 and TeamSense sends back automated responses with a customized message with a link to your open roles.

Yes, job applicants will need data or a wifi connection enabled on their mobile device to submit their applications. TeamSense is text recruiting software that works through text messages and secure web links. Message and data rates may apply.

Text to apply software works best for industries that have high hiring needs and a lot of employee turnover. With text-to-apply, qualified applicants will increase, recruiting efforts become easier, and managers will be able to hire more quickly. This is beneficial for industries like manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and many more that want a competitive advantage for the HR professionals doing recruitment marketing or need a high volume for talent sourcing.

You can invite candidates to apply through text messages anywhere you post open positions. This includes every job board, printed flyers, billboards, and elsewhere. You will want to include text to apply instructions that invite candidates to text your short code. For more rapid recruitment and to get more applicants, be sure to use recruiting software that is mobile-optimized for each job application as text recruiting is done through mobile phones.

Your recruiting team will most likely find that they get more candidates for each job posting and that interview scheduling becomes easier as they pre screen candidates. Your recruiting process for top talent becomes more effective when you get faster candidate responses, improve the candidate experience, and make the application process easy. Integrating text to hire improves the application flow for each job seeker. In short, leveraging text messages for candidate outreach will engage candidates and make talent acquisition faster for recruiting teams across multiple job boards, social media platforms, and anything else your talent acquisition team is for recruiting solutions.

Yes. TeamSense works seamlessly with existing applicant tracking systems, absence management tools, company web portal software, and recruitment process. It is built to allow hiring teams to bring more hiring efficiency to talent acquisition. Hire the best talent, simplify candidate relationship management, get more employee referrals, ease administrative tasks, and make interview scheduling faster for human resources.

The TeamSense HR software can be used by any hiring team to fill any job title or new job posting. Recruitment marketing, talent acquisition, and talent management all become easier.


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