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Hiring Software: Expand Your Applicant Reach with Text-to-Apply

Text-to-Apply Recruiting Software: Fuel Employee Applications

Hiring software specifically designed to enable recruiters to find talent with ease.

Research shows that 70% of employees favor text messages as their main choice of communication.1 On top of that, the response rate to text messages is eight times higher than email.2 TeamSense knows exactly where to find your potential job candidates—on their phones! It's time to revolutionize your recruiting system and the hiring process with text-to-apply.

Text recruiting software enables you to efficiently communicate with candidates, hire top talent and attract the modern employee.

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Benefits of using text recruiting software as a part of your hiring process:

  • Increase the number of applicants
  • Hire in hard-to-reach zip codes
  • Expand your reach using multiple languages
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Faster talent acquisition using less aggressive recruitment marketing strategies

TeamSense provides a mobile-based hiring platform that helps your recruiting teams find the right talent. Recruiting is simplified not only for job applicants but also for your company’s hiring team. No doubt about it—text-based recruiting is the way to go!

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Help Your Hourly Employees Thrive

TeamSense empowers your team through engagement, keeps everyone in the loop with attendance, and saves you time (and dollar signs) while boosting productivity along the way.

Nope, you don’t have to have the latest tech to get it done. All you need is text.

How Does Text Recruiting Software Work?

We don’t want to replace your amazing recruiters with an automated recruiting system.

And we don't want to change the entire hiring process for you. Our goal is to make every step of the talent acquisition process simple. With text recruiting software, your recruiters can quickly get new talent in the door.

Select custom keywords that match your company brand.

Choose your text recruiting keywords based on your recruiting goals. You can be location-specific if you need to. For example: “TSJobs” or “TSJobs WA.”

Give it a try now: Text “TSJobs” to 592-30

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Grow your applicant pool by displaying your text recruiting keywords.

You can use text-to-apply for job listings, social media, radio ads, billboards, storefronts, college fairs, and industry hiring events. It’s also an easy way to get your word-of-mouth referrals going, too—we know those work best!

Write engaging, on-brand responses for your job post texts.

This is the fun part. You get the chance to show off your company culture and personality using text recruiting. And once potential candidates reach the portal, they can apply and create their candidate profile.

No need to type in ridiculously long URLs or scroll through hundreds of job posts on the web. Text-to-apply removes barriers for job applicants making for a recruiting system that shines.

TeamSense Text Recruiting Software Partners With Your Hiring & Applicant Tracking System

We get it!

Companies use different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) based on the features they value. That’s why we designed our software for recruiting to be compatible with the tools you already use. Seamless data integration is our goal.

Text-to-apply allows you to use text messaging for recruitment without changing your existing applicant tracking software. So, yes—you can easily sync old and new candidate data into your hiring system.

With TeamSense text recruiting software integrated with your ATS, your hiring managers are equipped to find and hire top talent. Using the convenience factor of text recruiting promotes a great job hunting experience for the candidate too. Win-Win!

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TeamSense Text-to-Apply FAQs

Yes. The TeamSense product can seamlessly integrate with existing applicant tracking systems, talent acquisition software, absence management tools, company web portal software, and other recruitment marketing tools. This online recruiting software supports recruiters and hiring teams to manage job seeker and applicant data, augment their existing recruitment process, promote positive candidate experience, and facilitate a smooth talent acquisition process through better HR tech.

Using the TeamSense text recruiting software along with your other talent acquisition tools means your company will have an easier time hiring the best talent.

The TeamSense HR recruiting software can be used by recruiters and hiring teams to fill any open job positions! Most people already use text messaging every day. Adding text messages to your recruitment tools gives job seekers easy access to apply.

Text-to-apply is a text message recruitment tool that connects potential candidates to available jobs through text messaging. You can look for the most qualified candidate and get them a schedule for an interview—text messaging for recruiting streamlines recruitment marketing, talent acquisition software, and people resource management. Every stage of the hiring process is in one mobile text recruiting platform. Text messaging is one of the key features often missing from an existing applicant tracking system.

It’s pretty simple. First, companies choose a custom keyword like “TSJobs” or anything they want. This keyword will be displayed where job seekers are most likely to see it. Then, job applicants text the keyword phrase to 592-30. The TeamSense product sends back automated responses to job seekers with a customized message, including a link to your open roles.

Yes, job applicants will need data or a Wi-Fi connection enabled on their mobile device to submit their applications. TeamSense is a text recruiting HR software that speeds up the hiring process through SMS and secure web links. Text messaging and data rates may apply.

Text recruiting tools work best for industries with high recruiting needs and higher employee turnover. With text-to-apply, finding qualified applicants and recruiting talent is much easier. Managers will be able to hire quickly and access employee referrals faster.

Companies in the manufacturing, hospitality, and retail industries would benefit from the other human resources management tools embedded within the talent acquisition software. Text-to-apply provides a competitive advantage for HR professionals searching for unique talent or those in constant need of a high volume of applicants for talent sourcing.

Text-to-apply is a major driver in recruitment marketing because it makes it easier for the job seeker to apply. This text recruiting software allows job candidates to apply through text messaging—wherever you have the job listing posted. The platform integrates into your hiring processes already built into most recruiting software. This includes job boards, printed flyers, billboards, etc. Eventually, your keyword will find its way to the right candidates, so make sure to include the instructions in your job ads about your HR processes for hiring.

The use of text recruiting for candidate management lets prospective applicants and job seekers respond to job boards faster. Using SMS and text messaging for recruitment speeds up the talent acquisition process and allows for high-volume recruitment. Most importantly, you can still use your usual applicant tracking systems, recruitment tools, collaboration tools, and text recruiting software, so your recruiter experience is seamless when attracting new hires. No additional problem solving required.

Text-to-apply recruiting software is a game-changer in HR solutions. Engage candidates where they already are—on their phones. Text-to-apply automatically directs potential candidates to the job listing. A text-based recruiting system reduces the administrative burden on your talent acquisition department. All they need is their phone and your company keyword! Advertise your keyword on social media platforms, multiple job boards, and other places where potential candidates and top talent usually hang around.

Your talent sourcing and recruiting team will get more job seekers for each job posting. Scheduling interviews become more manageable as they pre-screen candidates based on their information.

Using text-to-apply HR recruiting software like TeamSense lets job candidates experience a more straightforward application process, which leads to faster responses and more candidate engagement. Companies that integrate text-to-apply in the recruitment marketing process can locate and hire the best talent faster, leading to better overall talent management.

The hiring teams of growing companies and large enterprises can direct their hiring teams to focus on finding top talent without complicating the recruiting process. Sometimes all you need is that one text message from your job posting to find the perfect talent.