State Screening

A form of symptom screening and/or temperature checks is…¹
Required for some, recommended for all ²
Recommended for all
Required for all
Other guidance ³
No state guidance identified
Date of last update: 01/04/2021
1. Details of requirements vary by state; please refer to your state governmental and public health guidance for specifics. Note that this chart represents identified guidance at the state level – there may be additional guidance at the county or local level; check with your local governmental and public health agencies for details.

2. States may have a requirement for certain types of employers, for example, employers in specific industries.

3. States with other guidance may require/recommend screening for very specific employers without any broad recommendations, or have other guidance that is unique to that state.

Commentary from TeamSense should not be construed to be authoritative legal or public health guidance. Organizations should follow the latest guidance from relevant governmental and public health authorities and seek counsel from appropriate Legal, HR, and EHS professionals.