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Trusted (And Actually Used) By Over 30,000 Employees

Why TeamSense as an Alternative to Workjam?

99% of text messages are opened. 90% within 3 minutes.
Get a site of 3k employees running in 24 hours after import.
Save supervisors up to 2 hours per day. Build trust with your entire workforce.

Shortcut the Learning Curve. Get Nearly Instant Adoption.

For many hourly workers, learning a new app is frustrating and time-consuming. With so many other things to juggle, spending hours trying to figure out how to perform the most basic tasks can feel like a waste of time. And by the time everyone finally gets the hang of things, you're already behind.

TeamSense shortcuts this process by leveraging technology your employees already love - texting. With quick, easy adoption by your hourly workforce, there's no need to sell employees on a new app. And with easy-to-use tools, you can save time and frustration. So why wait? Get started with TeamSense today!

Let's Do This

Engage. Communicate. Get More Done.

TeamSense offers a suite of tools to streamline communication and engagement with employees, helping you increase employee satisfaction. Enjoy quick text messages for attendance checks; surveys, forms and more - all automated through integration with existing systems and totally accessible via the customized employee portal.

Invest in this essential tool now: it's virtually guaranteed to drive productivity while saving time & effort on manual processes.

Engage Your Team

Include Everyone With Automatic Translations.

In order to build a trusting and cohesive company culture, it is essential to respect the personal privacy of employees while still getting what the company needs from them. While some companies may try to track everything their employees do in order to micromanage them, this actually leads to less productivity and more feelings of resentment.

Instead, it's important to remove barriers and engage your team members in a way that makes them feel valued. For example, offering automatic translations in 19 languages shows that you're respecting the cultural background of your employees and that you want everyone to be able to participate in the company culture.

When everyone feels Included and respected, they're much more likely to trust you, the company, and leadership. This leads to better collaboration and more productivity overall.

Get Started

Integrations. Security. Privacy. Scalability.

Any organization knows that security, privacy, and scalability are important considerations. You need to be able to trust that your data is secure and only accessible to those who need it. At the same time, you need to be able to scale your usage and data storage as your needs grow.

That's why we offer features like roles and permissions to customize access, ridiculously good uptime, and built on scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. With our platform, you can be confident that your data is safe and sound while also being able to take advantage of all the features you need to grow your business.

See It In Action

Discover Why Customers Love TeamSense

TeamSense is the #1 Workjam Competitor

No matter if your team is 1,000 or 100,000 strong - TeamSense can help you keep in touch with every employee!

TeamSense vs Workjam FAQs

Yes. For teams looking to optimize their workflow, TeamSense is an ideal option. This Workjam alternative offers a range of features that bring together absence management and leave tracking with employee engagement and forms surveys in one comprehensive platform. Additionally, users benefit from ESS portal support for payroll integration as well as integrations with HR software providers - all designed to improve the efficiency of communications within large workplaces. With such helpful tools at your disposal, it's no wonder TeamSense is preferred by many high performing organizations around the world!

Employees everywhere are looking for a simpler and more user-friendly way to manage their productivity, which is why TeamSense has become the top Workjam alternative. Unlike its counterpart, you don't need an app or complicated system; all of your information can be accessed over text! 1000s have found success with this easy tool that allows users to quickly track time and availability while onboarding new employees seamlessly as they grow. If your business needs effective results without extensive installation steps, it's definitely worth considering TeamSense - the best Workjam alternative out there.

With TeamSense, no app is required for employees to stay connected with their company and manage their work schedule. This makes it more convenient than many competitors' solutions as the entire employee experience can be accessed quickly over secure text messages. Plus self onboarding only takes a few clicks so there's no need to waste time trying get your staff accustomed to using an unfamiliar mobile platform - simply send them a message and let them start getting organized right away.

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