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All features delivered over text
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Text recruiting
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Workforce Management
Attendance management
Shift fulfillment
Employee portal
Employee communication
Forms & surveys
Mark yourself safe
Automatic reminders
Language translations
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Dedicated implementation training
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Trusted (And Actually Used) By Over 30,000 Employees

Shortcut the Learning Curve. Get Nearly Instant Adoption.

For many hourly employees, learning a new app is a frustrating experience. They may spend countless hours trying to figure out how to perform the most basic tasks, only to find that they are already behind by the time they finally get the hang of things.

TeamSense shortcuts this process by leveraging technology your employees already love - texting. With quick, easy adoption by your hourly workforce, there is no need to sell employees on a new app.

This can save you time and frustration with easy-to-use tools.

Let's Do This

Engage. Communicate. Get More Done.

In today's fast-paced business world, it's more important than ever to engage and communicate effectively with your team. TeamSense makes it easy through a suite of tools that connect your hourly employees with the company.

Attendance, communication, engagement surveys, forms, employee portal, and more are all delivered seamlessly through text.

This allows you to connect with your employees without email or login requirements, and increase employee satisfaction to drive productivity. You can also integrate with your existing systems to automate syncing.

Engage Your Team

Include Everyone With Automatic Translations.

At its core, establishing a strong sense of trust within the workplace is essential to any successful business. To achieve this goal, it’s important to build an inclusive culture that values and respects everyone in your organization - from leadership all the way down to hourly employees. Doing so creates an environment where collaboration can thrive and productivity takes flight.

To make sure no one gets left behind due in part to language barriers or differences we provide automatic translations for 19 languages on our platform – helping ensure every person feels included regardless of their background.

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Integrations. Security. Privacy. Scalability.

Keep your data safe and sound. With our platform, you can enjoy complete privacy regardless of the size of your organization. Access is easily customized to suit different security requirements using roles and permissions in a reliable cloud infrastructure.

Plus, uptime so good it's ridiculous - meaning that no matter what you'll always have access when needed most.

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TeamSense is the #1 Homebase Competitor

No matter if your team is 1,000 or 100,000 strong - TeamSense can help you keep in touch with every employee!

TeamSense vs Homebase FAQs

Yes. Homebase is a popular HR software that offers a variety of features for businesses. However, many large high performing teams prefer to use TeamSense. Some key features that TeamSense offers include absence management and leave management, employee engagement, forms, surveys, ESS portal, payroll integration, applicant tracking integration, and integrations with HR software all provided by one software. Homebase does not offer all of these features. Another advantage that TeamSense has over Homebase is that it integrates with a variety of HR software. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their HR needs with one software. Homebase does not offer this level of integration.TeamSense is preferred out of the Homebase alternatives for many large high performing teams because it offers more features and integrations.

TeamSense might be the perfect alternative. With all of Homebase's features, such as time tracking, employee engagement tools and company culture building - plus a fast onboarding process- TeamSense is already delivering great results. Try it out today so your team can easily stay connected and engaged.

Homebase may be a popular name in employee management, but TeamSense is blazing the trail with its revolutionary SMS-based system – no app needed. The self onboarding process couldn't be simpler: just a few clicks and your team can get up and running quickly. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all data remains secure at every step. Put an end to wasted time trying to sell employees on yet another app; join us in ushering in the future of employee management with TeamSense today.

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