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Trusted By Over 30,000 Employees

TeamSense Delivers Complete Workforce Management - All Over Text

Get a site of 3k employees running in 24 hours after import.
Save supervisors up to 2 hours per day.
Engage & build trust with your entire workforce.

Attendance. Communication. Engagement. Forms. Surveys. And More.

TeamSense is the all-in-one platform that streamlines the process of tracking employee attendance, engagement, and communications. Businesses can easily collect data and generate insights that help to improve workplace productivity and efficiency.

The platform also offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create custom forms and surveys, send automatic reminders, and track employee progress over time. TeamSense is a powerful tool that can help businesses to better understand and manage their workforce.

Let's Do This

Online Dashboard & Reports for Supervisors, Managers & HR.

TeamSense provides complete reporting and deep insight for supervisors, managers & HR professionals with an online dashboard.

Get real-time updates on team activities at any moment in order make sure everything is running smoothly. Downloading data is easy too - your information can be exported to a spreadsheet for additional analysis.

Engage Your Team

Include Everyone With Automatic Translations.

Whether you're dealing with leadership, managers, or hourly employees, trust is essential. That's why it's so important to build a company culture of inclusion and respect. When everyone feels valued and respected, they're more likely to trust you, the company, and leadership. In turn, this leads to more productivity and better collaboration.

TeamSense helps you get what the company needs while respecting personal privacy. It removes barriers and engages your team. Plus, it provides automatic translations in 19 languages. TeamSense is the key to building a company culture of inclusion and respect.

Get Started

Integrations. Security. Privacy. Scalability.

At TeamSense, we understand that integrations, security, privacy, and scalability are important considerations for any organization. That's why we've built our platform to be secure and accessible only to those who need it, when they need it.

We also offer a variety of features to help you scale your usage, data storage, and management needs as your needs grow. TeamSense is built on scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, so you can rest assured that your data is always safe and available when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about how TeamSense can help your organization.

See It In Action

TeamSense is the #1 EZ Texting Competitor

No matter if your team is 1,000 or 100,000 strong - TeamSense can help you keep in touch with every employee!

TeamSense vs EZ Texting FAQs

Yes. TeamSense is a workforce management solution that delivers a complete set of tools over text message. It is built for internal communication with hourly employees and also supports attendance management, engagement, digital forms and surveys, employee portal, and more. TeamSense is often a preferred option to EZ Texting since it provides a more comprehensive set of features. In addition, TeamSense is easy to use and integrates with leading HRIS platforms. As a result, it is a powerful tool for organisations of all sizes.

TeamSense is a great option for those who need more than just the basics of employee communication. With TeamSense, you get the ease of texting but also a fuller solution for your workforce. With TeamSense, you can manage employee communications, tracking, and scheduling all in one place. TeamSense also offers a variety of features that EZ Texting does not, such as the ability to create custom forms and surveys, attendance management, and integrations with other business applications. As a result, TeamSense is a great option for those who need more than just the basics of employee communication.

EZ Texting is a basic communication tool, but it's not the only option on the market. There are several competitors that offer similar features and can fill the gap for communication, but TeamSense is a full suite of engagement and communication tools designed specifically for the hourly workforce. TeamSense goes beyond simple messaging to provide a complete set of tools for managing shift fulfillment, attendance tracking, employee engagement, and more. With TeamSense, businesses can improve communication and collaboration among their employees, resulting in better productivity and engagement. TeamSense is an essential tool for any business with an hourly workforce, and it's one of the many reasons why we're the leading provider of solutions for businesses with an hourly workforce.

A cloud-based business texting platform can include different text messaging services and features depending on the use case. The best alternatives include key features like mass texting or bulk SMS, mobile text alerts, mobile keywords, message scheduling, notification messages, SMS distribution lists and contact lists within an intuitive user interface designed to send SMS text messages to mobile devices.

Some are built as mobile marketing platforms specifically to send SMS marketing campaigns and may include multiple channels that target mobile phones. These mobile and text message marketing tools include features like integrations with Facebook messenger, mobile coupons, SMS and MMS campaigns, landing pages, web push notifications, mobile push notifications, and other mobile marketing solutions. Other SMS marketing software may be built to manage the entire customer journey with features that build customer relationships and acquire customer data that is then fed into a marketing automation CRM software or an email marketing platform.

A SMS marketing platform may also act as live chat software to offer live chat support over various messaging channels. This may allow for customer engagement and customer conversations over video chat, phone calls, instant messaging, voice communications, email messages, and text messages.

A text messaging platform may be designed for sending bulk text messages. Mass texting software is a type of mobile messaging solution that enables users to send an SMS campaign or emergency alerts to wider mobile audiences. Some mass texting software are purpose built to act as an essential emergency communication tool that send emergency mass communications. These emergency notification systems are a special type of platform that specialize in sending emergency alerts and emergency messages in accordance with an emergency response plan or other emergency procedures. Such an emergency notification system may also include automated alert notifications, national and local alerting, critical event management features, facilitate two way communication, employee safety monitoring, mission critical delivery speeds, secure access collaboration, national weather service integrations, wireless public alerting, and be built on public safety grade infrastructure to ensure efficient incident management.

Still other text messaging business communications tools are built with features like SMS surveys, two way SMS chat, group texting, message templates, short codes, actionable insights and reporting. They may serve non profit organizations or small and midsize businesses or larger enterprises.

Overall, choosing the right SMS text messaging service depends on your use case for SMS messages. You may need to reply to incoming text messages as a part of a marketing solution, require an alert notification system, or just to send out appointment reminders to engage customers. Bulk messages may be critical or personalized messages may be. Having critical alerting software with robust contact management systems and emergency alerting may be important.

Integrations are also a consideration if you have existing commercial messaging campaigns, a vendor management system, other multi channel engagement software, or other critical communications systems.

Regardless of the the SMS services you choose, it should based on a reliable platform so you have consistent text service business applications to easily communicate. Make sure you go with a leading provider and look into the main competitors and top alternatives

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